Locating the unity compass


MANY good things are happening in this country.

Things that would leave those opposed to Zimbabwe’s progress green with envy.

Things that would paper all the antagonism with ease.

Things that would easily reveal the trajectory to unity and progress.

And yet that is the Zimbabwe we all want.

A country of peace and development.

A country of more and plenty for everyone.

A country that is forever opening its arms to everyone.

The discerning eye, always alert, has been locating these things.

The discerning eye, forever on the lookout, has been seeing these good things.

Yet, within our midst, there are those who have been trying to stiffle these things. Many good things are happening in this country. The pricing issue seems to have been resolved for both tobacco farmers and gold miners.

We are back to where we were.

We are back to where we are supposed to be.

Happy farmers!

Happy gold miners!

And happy producers of goods and services!

Above all, a happy people and a happy Zimbabwe!

Farmer, take that plough and turn the earth over. 

There are many glad tidings beneath the surface of the earth.

Sing, sing for that precious mineral brother and sister.

It shall feed your family and the nation.

Sing, sing brother and sister, for in that land that you stomp is the little stone that has put Zimbabwe on the global map.

Let it shine in your eyes and in the eyes of the world.

The stone from Zimbabwe.

Hold your hands brothers and sisters and get onto that truck. In the heart of Harare are tobacco auction floors.

There, they shall receive you with the infectious Zimbabwean smile.

There, they shall embrace you with that warm, iconic Zimbabwean embrace. You shall go back home a satisfied lot for, on your shoulders, you carry the hopes of the nation. In your hands lie our hopes. From your sweat and toil Zimbabwe will never be on the ropes.

Many good things are happening in Zimbabwe.

On Friday last week, another giant step towards attaining unity was taken. The Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD). 

By bringing together parties that contested in the historic July 31 2018 elections, a statement of intent was made.

Zimbabwe is bringing together divergent voices from across the political divide.

And we are on the path to development and prosperity.

We are on the path to developing our country as a united people, bound by one common goal.

A goal towards creating a future of more and plenty for the current and future generations.

A goal of maintaining and preserving the liberation struggle ideals. 

A goal towards preserving the legacy of our history.

That is a history that can never be negated even for a few pieces of silver.

That is a history that cannot be exchanged for anything.

A narrative that should be immortalised in books, journals and film. We are the custodians of that history and narrative.

While all this has been happening, there are those who are vehemently opposed to dialogue for very obvious reasons. 

No one will be forced to dialogue.

After all, this is not about individuals but the country as a whole.

We will, in the meantime, continue searching for the unity compass.


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