Madhangi: A step closer to stardom


MANY might not know the name Edmore Madhangi or his stage-name ‘Danke Power’.
He is a talented and emerging sungura musician gifted with a combination of skills that promise to make him the next big player in his genre.
The gifted Madhangi fronts Nyaningwe Express, a seven-member band from Chivi, Masvingo.
Armed with a spontaneous voice, the budding musician’s music is superbly arranged.
His sound has flair as well as originality, a marked departure from the sungura maestro Alick Macheso’s thumping bass guitar.
Laden with
thought-provoking lyrics that highlight different social issues, the star is headed for greatness.
If he were to be judged by looks, musician would be the last tag that would be pinned on him.
His sungura, delivered in the popular Karanga dialect, has captivated many of his followers.
He is a simple man, a fine gentleman, always smartly dressed, a cut above other sungura musicians by dress and presentation.
Born in 1972 in Maturure Village in Chivi, Masvingo, Madhangi developed the interest in music at a tender age.
His inspiration comes from the music of the late legend Leonard ‘Musorowenyoka’ Dembo.
“I was inspired by the late Leonard Dembo, especially his message and style, becoming the reason I focused on the genre of sungura,” said Madhangi.
Madhangi, who currently resides in Mainway Meadows in Waterfalls, can best be described as a nomad as his primary school education was spread across four schools which include Mazorodze in Chivi, Chidiya in Murehwa, Marondera’s Mtukwa and Glen View 6 in Harare.
He completed his secondary education at Glen View 1 High School and is currently studying for a Business Management Honours Degree with Midlands State University.
His music career began in 2008 when he recorded his first album Tisvikewo.
Four years later in 2012 he released Tinevimbo, which is currently making waves at National FM and Radio Zimbabwe stations respectively.
He says he did not hone his skills through a musical institution or from training from someone, he stresses that ‘it comes out naturally’.
Despite not gaining the recognition he anticipated when he launched his career, Madhangi did not lose hope and went on to pen lyrics for the next album which is his third offering.
“I am in the studio finalising the third album Sungura Explosion which I expect to release in April this year,” explained Madhangi.
Madhangi is optimistic that his third album will put him in the limelight for the songs are basically drawn from experience and exposure.
It is against this background that aspiring musicians must know that lack of exposure negatively affects musicians in Zimbabwe.
Madhangi, who is getting assistance from one of his members, Gift Sixpence, formerly from Utakataka Express, is hopeful of his band connecting and networking with fellow musicians in the music industry.
“I hope, with the assistance from fellow musicians and promoters; my music will be exposed to the whole nation,” he said.
The musician said lack of exposure was one of the reasons he ventured late into the music industry.
Currently Madhangi said the band is looking for a manager and publicist since he is planning to start live shows soon after releasing his third album.
Madhangi is not a fulltime musician but works at a local telecommunications organisation in the department of loss control.
He is married and a father to four children, a boy and three girls.



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