Magical Gems in Liverpool


EDITOR – HEARTY congratulations to the Zimbabwe senior women’s netball team, affectionately known as the ‘Gems’, for the scintillating performance at the Vitality Netball World Cup being held in Liverpool, England. I am elated to know that our flagship team has made a mark at the world netball showcase. 

It is my first time to follow netball after years at high school. Being a women’s sport, we men haven’t taken much keen interest in the game but the Gems have made us love the sport.

You have put Zimbabwe on the netball map and we are proud of you the Gems! 

Please continue shining bright even after the World Cup.

To Zimbabweans I say, let’s give them all the support they need. Corporates, please continue to table more incentives for the Gems for they need your support. 

To parents and families of the girls, please continue to give them the support they need.

To the administrators, please make sure that all the donations are put to good use and you are accountable for every cent so that you do not scare away the corporate world from netball.

Thank you Gems for a job well done at the Vitality Netball World Cup! 

Thank you Amai Leticia Chipandu for standing by the girls! 

Our girls have taken Zimbabwe to another level!

Thank you, thank you Gems for bringing a cheer to the nation.

Moses Mushonga,



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