Make the most of the rains and be safe


EDITOR — The rains have begun falling and I would like to urge my fellow citizens to make the most of the rains and at the same time be safe. 

While the rains are most welcome, if we are not careful, we can lose lives. Firstly, I hope the rains continue falling and fill up our stressed dams and rivers. 

It is also time to implement all the water harvesting techniques available so that water is not lost through runoff. 

Harvested water will go a long way in ensuring that agricultural production progresses without hiccups. 

It is common knowledge now that due to effects of climate change, intervals between rainfall may be long but when the rains do fall sometimes they do so in torrents, let us harness the water. 

It is time we become innovative to counter the vagaries of climate change hindering profitability in the agricultural sector, it is time we take matters into our hands and not remain at the mercy of the elements.

I would also like to urge people not to cross flooded rivers whether on foot on in vehicles as this might lead to unnecessary loss of lives. 

May we also conscientise our little ones and make them know that it is dangerous to hide from rains under trees as this exposes them to the danger of being struck by lightning. 

Let us have a fruitful rain season; one that is not characterised by unnecessary loss of life. 

Again I urge fellow citizens not to cross flooded rivers and bridges.  

Concerned farmer,



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