Masonry and the USA: Part One


IN the modern world Freemasonry is viewed in a negative light.
Critics view it as a brotherhood or cult which emphasises secrecy and obedience in its ranks.
It “affords protection and advancement of the interests of its members, punishes its enemies and turns a blind eye to criminal behaviour committed by its members against non-members”.
The same source says, “Freemasonry provides a value system and an organisational structure which works to put brother Freemasons in positions of power in all organisations and can be used by its members for the most immoral and illegal purposes.”
The truth about masonry, however, is that it is a phenomenon with a rich African (black) heritage.
We will examine the issue in greater detail in Part Two next week.
For now, however, it is necessary to review some of the achievements by black people in history as such information will provide context to the phenomenon of freemasonry.
Most of this black heritage was extensively covered in my past articles under this column.
Since the beginning of time, people have been seeking to understand our reality. The findings were taught and written about.
It was such findings that inspired the formation of cultures, religions and ways of governance.
Although it may seem that knowledge has only increased in the last few centuries, it is a fact that most things we know and make use of today have been passed down to us from our ancestors who first discovered them in our distant past.
In ancient civilisations such as Sumeria, Elam and Egypt, our ancestors acquired advanced knowledge of writing, construction and sciences such as astronomy and mathematics.
This knowledge was conserved in libraries and institutions of learning.
The kingdom of Israel in Solomon’s time also flourished on account of the great wisdom they possessed and scholars would travel from all over the world to receive an education in Jerusalem.
Makeda, the queen of Sheba and later her son Menyelek, are examples of the prominent figures who visited Solomon in Jerusalem to acquire and enrich their wisdom.
One major question in people’s minds when they seek to understand their reality is to do with God.
The ancient kingdom of Israel became prosperous on account of its clear revelations about God.
Through the likes of Moses, the Israelites had knowledge of the laws of God and also His nature.
To this day, the legacy of ancient Israel is well known.
The true Israelites were blacks and we are not referring to the white Jews who are, but converts and imposters.
The kingdoms of Assyria, Persia and Media followed, as centres of civilisation, after Israel and they too were black civilisations.
Mankind was then already constructing bridges, canals, roads and so forth.
In the time of Alexander ‘The Great’, the Greeks became the first white nation to gain world dominion.
The known world had united itself into one large kingdom with a total of 127 provinces which included Ethiopia (Africa), India and West, Central and East Asia. Persia (Iran) was the head of this great kingdom.
Alexander was the son of a black Egyptian born to a Greek mother.
He ruled this great kingdom after defeating the Persians.
The Greeks got a hold of all the literature from the ancient black kingdoms and they rewrote it in their own language.
From then on many things changed to the disadvantage of blacks.
For example, the great library of Egypt became known as Alexandria and the original scripts were burnt.
This was also the case in Judea where black scrolls were translated into Greek and the originals were outlawed and burnt.
The destruction of black records allowed whites to tell history in their favour with the truth becoming the greatest victim.
Even statues and paintings of the ancient blacks of Egypt, Israel, Persia and India were either destroyed or whitewashed to look more Greek.
This was a turning point in world history because before this, it had been blacks who had been the dominant power since the beginning of time.
The Romans followed after the Greeks and the corruption and suppression of the truth, especially about the true knowledge of God continued.
Under the rule of the Romans, the likes of John and Yahushua (Jesus) were brutally executed because they exposed the truth about God to the Israelites.
It was also the Romans who forced the blacks of Judea out of their land and scattered them.
The Romans ruled for a long time and they eventually founded the Byzantine Empire which comprised the Romans and the Greeks.
In the time of Muhammad the prophet of Islam, the knowledge of the truth about God and mankind’s reality was restored.
Shortly after his death, his book (Quran) became popular among the blacks of Arabia, west and central Asia and northern Africa.
The followers of Al Islam stopped worshipping pagans and idols and began worshipping the One God of mankind and all creation.
The Romans and the barbarians were defeated by the Muslims and they were chased away from the Mediterranean Sea and the lands they had invaded.
The Romans called these blacks ‘Moro’ which meant ‘black’.
This was the beginning of the Moorish civilisation which was the comeback of black world leadership.
The Moors reclaimed Spain which had been lost, first to the Romans, and then to the barbarians (Vandals).
The period of Moorish dominion lasted almost 800 years between 710 CE to 1492 CE.
During this period, the blacks who were known as Moors did extensive research in various fields of education in order to re-attain their ancient knowledge which had been lost to the Greeks.
The world had begun going backward in terms of civilisation since the time of the Greeks and immorality had increased.
The Moors thus shunned European culture and discredited the Roman Catholic Church for hypocrisy and the corruption of the laws of God.
The Moors translated the Greek literature into Arabic which they collectively used as their official language.
The ancient knowledge of Egypt and Israel was restored to the blacks.
The Moors also researched the history and sciences of the Far East; as far as China. All this knowledge was then used by the Moors to create better living conditions for themselves and this led to the making of the most sophisticated ancient civilisation before the current era.
The Moors believed that true religion had to always conform to science.
In a way, science is, but seen spirituality and spirituality is unseen science.
To the Moors, religion was not merely fables and beliefs, but the way of life which is inspired by God in mankind.
Books like the Bible and the Quran were guides and reminders on how they should or should not act when faced by certain circumstances.
It is in this era that the knowledge of the ancient world was reacquired by blacks and thus the Moors built cities with elaborate castles, running water, irrigation, street lights, surgeries, universities and many other things that we consider to be recent discoveries and inventions.
The formula of making atomic energy was known in ancient Egypt and rediscovered during the Moorish period.
The compass was introduced from China and so were musical instruments and raw materials from Africa.
After the downfall of the Moors of Europe in 1492, the world would again change to the disadvantage of blacks.
The Europeans chased off the Moors from Europe and they began to inhabit their elaborate castles and using their technology.
The whites whitewashed the legacy of the Moors and they now make it seem as if it is them who introduced our modern day civilisation when, in fact, it was inspired by the black Moors.
The Moorish books were destroyed and also much of the evidence of black history in Europe.
After the Europeans invaded America through Columbus, the Europeans saw it as a new world for them to inhabit because Europe was depleted of space and resources.
The Europeans slaughtered the indigenous Americans who were blacks and also Mongols.
As if thanklessness was not enough an insult, the Europeans went further to enslave the descendants of the Moors who were in West Africa and forced them to America on ships.
With this background we will be able to understand the phenomenon of ‘Masonry’ because it is the corruption of aspects of Moorish (black) science.


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