Masonry in the USA: Part Three


WHEN the USA passed the Declaration of Independence and broke away from Britain (their former coloniser), the whole project was thought to be a Masonic one. This was because Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson who signed the Declaration of Independence were both high degree Masons.
There are numerous paintings of the likes of George Washington standing alongside blacks with turbans and gowns.
These blacks were not classified as Negro slaves in the slave period, but they were known as free Moors.
These were blacks from Morocco who had strong ties with America because they were regularly invited to lecture in these Masonic lounges in addition to taking part in other related projects.
As mentioned in the previous articles, masonry is largely based on Islam from the Moorish period.
Thus the freemasons of America would go to places like Egypt and Morocco to research and learn from the Muslim teachers.
In this way, Morocco had strong ties with America.
In fact, Morocco was the first country to recognise the USA as an independent nation in 1777.
Morocco at this time was under the leadership of King Muhammad III.
The blacks who came to America as free Moors as opposed to Negro slaves eventually were issued a document called the Moorish act which protected them from being treated like Negros.
This meant that they could not be tried under the infamous Negro Act which the Moors (Moroccan blacks) read and were opposed to.
George Washington is also painted in possession of a Moorish flag which contained a pentagram which symbolised the seal of Sulaiyman; the black father of Masonry.
Meanwhile, in Europe freemasonry was beginning to be seen in a bad light by the rest of the whites who were not Masons.
While the whites consulted holy black men for their wisdom, they themselves were not holy and were said to be atheists of the most condemnable order.
In France, masonry was commonly viewed as a diabolical perversion of the ancient secret traditions.
When the Moors became more aware of the nature of the white masons and how they were using the information they were being taught to enrich themselves and suppress others, many became pessimistic about going to lecture at the American Masonic lounges.
In response to this, the Jews and other masons began to make more trips to Africa and as far as India in attempt to attain the ancient black people’s sacred knowledge.
In 1875 yet another secret society was formed in New York and it was known as the ‘Theosophical Society’.
A white woman named Madame Blavatsky was the co-founder of this Masonic lodge and she based most of her work on her studies on ancient Egypt.
She had stayed in Egypt for a long time studying under Islamic mystics who are known as Sufis.
The Sufis are usually holy men and women whose words and works are inspired by a higher level of consciousness from God.
Little did they know that some of their students were corrupt.
Madame Blavatsky also travelled to Asia and brought some knowledge from Hinduism and Buddhism to America.
She wrote many books on her findings and indeed she confirms that the knowledge she was getting was mostly from ancient African civilisations and that the knowledge had been passed on to her by black people.
One such black teacher who once taught Madame Blavatsky was Jamal ad Din-al Afghani.
In 1882 Jamal went to America to teach the Americans of African descent about Islam; the religion of their ancestors who were kidnapped and taken to America as slaves.
Among Jamal’s African American followers was a couple who gave birth to a son called Timothy Drew.
Having enlightened parents, Timothy grew up very spiritual.
He took up a career as a seaman and before long he found himself in Egypt. Timothy then began studying with Moorish scholars in North Africa.
When the Moorish scholars and teachers saw that they had an African American in their midst, they became eager to groom him thoroughly so as to deliver his kinsmen from ignorance and teach them about the God of their fathers.
Timothy was eventually summoned by the then King of Morocco.
During the meeting, Timothy was given a mandate from the king to instruct the African Americans in the way of Islam.
Shortly after this meeting, Timothy was initiated and given a new name.
He was named Sharif (noble) Abdul Ali.
When he returned to America, he was popularly known as Noble Drew Ali.
In 1913 he had a dream.
In the dream Timothy was ordered to uplift fallen humanity by returning the nationality, divine creed and culture to the persons of Moorish descent in the western hemisphere.
Before long, Noble Ali organised an institution called ‘Moorish Science Temple’. Noble Ali was very determined to teach his people the truth about their history and culture.
His organisation unlike the Masonic lounges of the Jews was still based on Islam and was appropriately named after true Moorish sciences.
Ali taught esoteric wisdom derived from the sages from the east.
Membership of blacks was encouraged and the numbers of followers increased.
Ali then set forth to Washington DC in an attempt to re-attain the Moorish flag and also the right to teach his people, the black Americans, about Islam.
The government of this time was confident that the Negros had been groomed to love white Christianity through their experience of brainwashing during slavery. They speculated that Ali would fail to get significant numbers of African American followers and so they did not hinder him from trying.
Surprisingly, Noble Ali began acquiring large numbers of blacks and among them grew strong followers and all this happened in a relatively short space of time. By 1920 the numbers of Ali’s supporters were soaring and this eventually attracted the attention of the white power structure of the USA.
The FBI began spying on Noble Ali’s organisation and when they realised that his teachings were indeed empowering to blacks, they declared him a marked man.
In 1929 they raided and arrested Ali and a number of his black followers in Chicago.
Shortly after his release, Ali fell inexplicably ill and died soon thereafter.
But the Moorish Science Temple which was founded by Ali carried on regardless of their mentor’s death.
From this Moorish Science Temple came other unique Islamic groups among the African Americans.
Jazz music was the pop music of the time and the black Americans were the most prominent players of this music.
Some white poets and Jazz musicians got in touch with Moorish sciences through some of these blacks.
Again the whites adopted the knowledge of the ancient blacks, and this time they formed the ‘Moorish Orthodox Church’.
The poets and jazz musicians who formed the Moorish Orthodox Church had also spent time in North Africa where they also got into contact with the Moorish sciences.
The Moorish Orthodox Church was essentially white though not necessarily Jewish as was traditionally the case in other Masonic lounges.
The Statue of Liberty was a gift from French freemasons to America after they abolished slavery.
It was originally a statue of a black woman, but the white Americans refused to set up such a statue as it would empower blacks.
It was then modified to become a white woman as is the case today.
The conditioning of Negroes (through slavery) into accepting and admiring whites as their superiors was seen as a great victory by whites.


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