Masonry in the USA: Part Two


THE advanced wisdom of the Moors, much of which had been gathered from ancient civilisations like Egypt, has come to be known as Moorish science. Masonry or Free-masonry is a secret society which is based on the corruption of Moorish sciences.
The black Moors were the ones who introduced institutions of higher learning that are now known as universities.
The curriculum of what the Moors taught was rich and had diverse origins. Scholars from Africa, central Asia, and from as far east as Indonesia and west China, were met in places like Bagdad (Iraq), Syria, Egypt, Timbuktu (Mali) and Spain.
They would exchange books and share information by way of lectures.
This collective global information was recorded in the Arabic language and units of measurement were standardised.
When the Moors fell from power in Spain in 1492, the whites took over Moorish technology and inventions.
However, they chose to burn most of the Arabic books containing the vital information on world history and science.
The surviving black Moors then began to form secret societies so as to conserve their culture, beliefs and literature without ‘being found out by the Europeans’.
A black man called Sulaiyman is remembered as the father of Masonry. Membership to the secret societies was often only acquired through bloodline.
If one was a Mason, then his children could become Masons after the consent of the parents and the rest of the members.
However intermarriages which started during the rule of the Greeks created a group of people found in Spain and southern Europe in general called moranos (coloureds) or Sephardic Jews.
These intermarriages gave some Jews access to Moorish sciences and greater enlightenment.
The Jews used this knowledge as a source of power and Masonic lodges were set up in places like France which contained a large number of Jews after the Moorish period.
The Moors had chosen to conserve and learn their Moorish sciences in secret because they had been outlawed by the Europeans.
However, when the Jews began making their own Masonic lodges, their reason for observing secrecy was not the same as that of the Moors.
When the Jews realised that they had acquired precious knowledge, they did not seek to use it to improve the standards of living of all mankind as the Moors had done.
Rather, the Jews chose to form secret societies so as to withhold the precious information from the blacks and the rest of the world, as they discreetly used, and continue to use it to their own advantage.
Because the Jews had access to Moorish knowledge, they found out about the continents of the west which would later be called America.
Jews are the ones who escorted Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to America.
The Jews also worked with the Monarch of Portugal and because of them, Portugal became the first European power to colonise Africa.
After the Jews had set themselves up in America, they began forming Masonic lodges there.
The first Masonic lodge in America was formed in 1749.
About 90 percent of the members of this Masonic lodge were Jewish.
The rest of them who were not Jewish were prominent members of society and such is the case to this day.
The second Masonic lodge was formed in 1769 and it was known as the King David Masonic lodge.
Again most of the members of this Masonic lodge were prominent Jews.
These secret societies were exceedingly influential and they held commune with government leaders.
For example, these Masonic lodges once sent a Jewish emissary called Moses Seixas to President George Washington.
The visit was to appeal for the Jews of America to acquire the full rights of a citizen and to not suffer any prejudice as they had previously done in Europe.
The Jews were successful in their plight and they were liberated 100 years before the blacks of America were eventually emancipated.
This shows that the Masonic lodges were very influential in America.
In 1776 a Masonic lodge called ‘Illuminati’ was formed by a Jew called Weishaupt. Illuminati stands for ‘illumined’ and means enlightened.
This particular Masonic lodge had a hand in forming the American monetary system.
The US$1 bill is riddled with hidden messages about this particular Masonic lodge.
At the back of the US$1 bill, there is a drawing of a pyramid and an eye at the very tip of the top of the pyramid.
The pyramids of Egypt symbolised the human being and the tip of the pyramid symbolised the pineal gland of humans.
The pineal gland is the first gland produced in a human being and it is known as the seat of the soul as it is a doorway to human spirituality.
Knowledge of the pineal gland was precious in the ancient world and it had been known to the Moors who used this symbol on the top of every Islamic mosque. This is the conical or dome shaped feature found at the great Mosque of Jerusalem and so forth.
At the bottom of the pyramid are Roman numerals written as MDCCLXXVI.
This means 1776, the year that the Illuminati Masonic lodge was formed.
Under the pyramid is an inscription written ‘novusordosecloram’.
This means ‘new world order’.
When America was found by the Europeans, they viewed it as a new world to which they would migrate to and reconstruct as they wanted.
The Europeans were planning on erasing the history of black greatness from the modern generation and attributing civilisation to the whites.
The new world order was a global conspiracy by whites and it was being upheld and set up by the likes of the Illuminati, who were mostly Jews.
Under this conspicuous drawing is an inscription written; ‘the great seal’.
This goes to show that the whole symbolism is a hidden message and it can be found on the American dollar bill to this day.
In the front of the US$1 bill, at the top right corner there is a tiny owl drawn at the top left corner of the ‘1’ numeral.
The owl in ancient Egypt and even currently, in Africa, symbolises witchcraft.
The owl is very nocturnal and is very active at night unlike other birds.
As witchcraft is practised at night or in secret, the owl was used to symbolise it.
Most of the members of these Masonic lodges were and still are prominent whites, particularly Jews, who allegedly practise sorcery or witchcraft.
Most of the Freemasons, unlike the Moors, were atheists and even confessed Satanists.
This is according to some of the books that are written by the members of these secret societies.
The Illuminati became so powerful and influential in the USA that their Masonic lodge was time and again banned, but to no avail.
The Illuminati, like all other Masonic lodges, is still functional, but they operate in great secrecy.


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