MDC Alliance must sober up


HAVING been created by Western capital as their surrogate to bring about regime change in Zimbabwe, the MDC Alliance finds itself still a willing lapdog of the West, 20 years on.

Right from the MDC’s formation, the West, represented by whites in this country, was quite outright in its support of its regime change project.

There was no attempt to hide this relationship.

For instance, the MDC, which identified itself as a workers’ party, had no qualms in working harmoniously with employers.

That is why workers and employers became strange bed fellows; when industry encouraged employees to boycott work when the MDC called for stay-aways.

For white employers, both in industry and on the farms, had enthusiastically embraced the regime change drive. 

A series of job boycotts, initiated by the MDC, was intended to weaken the economy and lay the blame on the ZANU PF Government.

This, plus substantial substantial financial backing from the West,  was hoped to see the MDC grow into a formidable political party.

This seems to have ended in a forlorn pipe dream. 

However, the Zimbabwean electorate has been able to see through all this.

At subsequent general elections, the MDC has been thoroughly trounced by the revolutionary ZANU PF.

But then, imperialists will go to any lengths to achieve their goal.

A combination of punitive measures, including the illegal sanctions, were meant to make the ZANU PF Government unpopular.

Instead, it got even stronger.

The Western surrogate party, realising it could not win general elections because of ZANU PF’s stranglehold, especially in rural areas, has now opted for violent confrontation. 

It is this violent streak, which has become a cause for serious concern among peace-loving Zimbabweans.

And if we are to go by what has been leaked to us, their new plan to cause havoc in the country has to be stopped at any cost.

The MDC Alliance must learn to sell its programmes to the electorate, with the aim of winning at the polls.

Zimbabweans were prepared to die in battle in order to free the country from colonial rule.

To try to bring back neo-colonial rule through puppet political parties, like the MDC Alliance, won’t be easy.

The new MDC Alliance anti-government plan under the banner ‘Free Zimbabwe Campaign’ is misleading right from its name.

To free Zimbabwe from what!

Zimbabweans lost thousands of their loved ones in order to free the country from settler-rule.

This brought with it universal suffrage which gave the country’s voters freedom to elect the next government of their choice every five years.

However, after 20 years of huffing and puffing, the MDC Alliance does not look any closer to forming the country’s next government.

The Western-sponsored party must  learn that elections are never won by organising sit-ins, nor by organising ‘sporadic’ violent attacks to unsettle high density suburbs.

We already know this was  the gist of the MDC Alliance’s deliberations by its standing committee on the eve of their 20th anniversary recently.

Their option for a  more militant approach to demonstrations is very unfortunate.

Their aim to create chaos in the country, with the hope of attracting intervention by outsiders, shows how treacherous and unpatriotic the MDC Alliance is.

Meanwhile, we subscribe to the theory that the overriding function of any Government is to maintain peace, law and order.


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