MDC Alliance’s genocidal trip


POLITICS is an interesting game, especially when played by people who understand it.
It becomes nasty, sometimes chaotic when players do not understand the rules of the game or simply choose to ignore them.
Even worse, it can become catastrophic when the players abandon the most important rule of the game, that of putting the interests of the people first.
This is one rule that has made ZANU PF the formidable entity that it is.
And this is the same rule that has made the MDC the disaster that it is.
We are being told that the trio of Tendai Biti, Nelson Chamisa and Welshman Ncube, who are members of the MDC Alliance are in the US.
Their mission, to lobby Uncle Sam to maintain their illegal economic sanctions embargo until electoral reforms are made.
Dewa Mavhinga, a purported human rights activist, is also part of the sanctions lobby gang in their genocidal trip to Washington.
He says the US must fund non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working towards the democratisation of Zimbabwe.
These mindsets are a result of failing to appreciate and embrace one’s history.
If maintaining sanctions will level the so-called electoral play field, then we have a serious problem.
Sanctions are what the MDC are bringing the people to get their vote.
MDC literally requires poverty and suffering of the masses to get into power, these are the necessary ingredients to propel them to electoral victory.
We all thought part of the so-called electoral reforms would include removal of sanctions so that all parties can have a level political playfield.
But there is something amiss about the MDC Alliance America overtures.
They represent a departure from the constitution.
They represent an attempt to condemn the people to suffering.
We leave it there for now.
Politicians who fail to read the wind, the mood soon become nonentities.
Time and again, we have encouraged the so-called opposition parties to follow the correct path, to serve the masses and protect the country.
All we do must be for the motherland.
All we do must be to protect our heritage.
All we do must be for future generations.
We have done that out of love for the good of our country.
We hold no grudge with anyone and do not push any agenda other than that of the country.
It is the duty of every citizen to protect the country, the brief falls to no particular individual but each and every one of us.
The fate of our country will be decided by us and no one else.
It will not be, it will never be outsiders, people from elsewhere, who will decide the trajectory of the country.
We sincerely hope that these people being approached to continue unleashing suffering on sons and daughters of the soil will respect us as a people and not interfere in our internal matters just as we have not interfered in theirs.
It was Amilcar Cabral who taught us that we have to remain steadfast in defence of our country.
Said Cabral: “We are fighting so that insults may no longer rule our countries, martyred and scorned for centuries, so that our peoples may never more be exploited by imperialists not only by people with white skin, because we do not confuse exploitation or exploiters with the colour of men’s skins; we do not want any exploitation in our countries, not even by black people.”
We are on the path to prosperity.


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