MDC-T, America in vendors’ scandal


THE MDC-T, working with the United States (US) government have hatched a plan to cause anarchy and consternation in the country by mobilising vendors to demonstrate against Government, The Patriot can exclusively reveal.
The intricate plan, woven around launching a fresh media offensive against President Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF is set to use vendors in a propaganda drive that will be pursued by certain publications (names withheld).
The publications in question will receive significant amounts of money in the next coming few weeks to launch the propaganda crusade.
This follows revelations by a local weekly, The Sunday Mail this week that two American spies disguised as ‘Government officials’ visited the country in the past few weeks, ahead of the review of the illegal economic sanctions Washington imposed on Harare.
During their visit, the two American ‘officials’ Gregory Simpkins and Piero Tozzi made arrangements and met with opposition political and civic organisations officials and snubbed Government and the ruling ZANU PF representatives.
It is the profiles of these two officials that raises stink on the sudden speed with which America now wants to ‘normalise relations’ with Zimbabwe.
Simpkins is a former journalist who is hugely involved in foreign advocacy and is said to be a key ‘advisor’ of the American government on issues to do with policy, while Tozzi is an ‘expert’ in crafting international and constitutional law.
Information gathered in our possession indicates that the duo was in fact in the country to make assessments on the situation in the country, with particular interest in the media and the vendors’ issue.
It also emerged this week that a ‘grand plan’ to take advantage of the vendors in the streets has already been put in motion with the MDC-T agreeing to play ball to the anticipated anti-Government uprisings.
Already the MDC-T which was on the forefront of pointing fingers, accusing the ruling party of being responsible for ‘putting people in the streets’ is now suddenly leaping to the defence of the vendors, claiming they were being ‘victimised’ by the country’s leadership.
The MDC-T has since ordered its councillors, who dominate Harare City Council, to resist any attempts by the ZANU PF Government to ‘forcibly’ evict vendors from the CBD, a local daily reported last week.
“Other MDC-T councillors who spoke on condition of anonymity said they were under strict instructions to work on the side of vendors and not allow the government to use council management to harass the vendors,” the paper said in the report.
“The party is pro-vendors and we are working with a management that is instructed to remove them from the street and that is now more of a political war than just a vendors’ issue,” one councillor said.
So deliberate is the attempt to use the vendors for political capital such that figures are being thrown around to present the situation in the country as dire.
While the National Vendors’ Union of Zimbabwe (NAVUZ) leader Samuel Wadzai, says over 100 000 vendors were operating in the city, the Harare City Council has put the figure at 20 000 people.
On the other hand, the MDC-T claims there are over 500 000 vendors in the Central Business District.
And the opposition party leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been in a buoyant mood, saying his party was bracing for a violent confrontation with Government.
Impeccable sources in the MDC-T yesterday said Tsvangirai, despite being reckless in letting the cat out of the bag, was emboldened by deliberations his party held with the American spies.
Last week Tsvangirai laid bare this plan during his so-called ‘state of the nation address’ in Harare when he revealed that his party was in the process of galvanizing the people to turn to violence as part of the opposition’s fresh strategy to ‘deal’ with ZANU PF.
“We in the MDC committed ourselves in 1999 to changing our government democratically, within the law and without violence,” Tsvangirai said.
“We have stuck to those principles and we have neither beaten one policeman nor broken a single window in the past 16 years while we ourselves have been beaten, abducted and killed.
“I am not sure whether we can maintain that stance into the future.”
Tomorrow Tsvangirai takes his ‘mobilisation’ campaign to the Zimbabwe Grounds where a ‘prayer meeting’ for ‘missing’ activist Itai Dzamara will take place.
This event is in preparation for the so-called National Convergence Platform gathering set for August 20 2015.
Sources who spoke to The Patriot this week described the vendors’ ‘strategy’ as the MDC-T’s last resort in their agenda to topple President Mugabe and his party from power.
“We are now on the brink, it’s either we strike the right chord on this one or we are doomed for good,” said one of the sources.
“The issue of vendors is dear to us, it is in fact our last resort and we have crafted a plan with the Americans to set it in motion.
“The stakes are just too high for us to make mistakes and we will execute this plan well I tell you.”
Efforts to get a comment from MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu were fruitless, but he confirmed to The Sunday Mail that his party had indeed met the American spies.


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