MDC-T’s futile GNU dream


THE recent ridiculous, but revealing attempts by the embattled MDC-T and United States Ambassador Bruce Wharton to push for another coalition government must never be taken lightly.
These are definitely continued attempts at effecting regime change through illegal means.
The MDC-T is a desperate party seeking relevance in Zimbabwe’s political affairs since its crushing defeat at the hands of ZANU PF in the July 31 2013 harmonised elections.
It is interesting that the MDC-T which has refused to recognise ZANU PF’s victory and its role as the new Government now wants to share power with the same people they do not recognise.
Recently, the MDC-T was secretly accosting the European Union (EU) to maintain its sanctions on Zimbabwe.
The EU is simply not sincere in its talk of re-engagement as it is seeking Government of National Unity (GNU) number two, just to have its puppet back in ‘control’.
While the Western bloc has been sending signals to the effect that it was now a willing and sincere partner in the re-engagement process, the opposite is true.
The MDC-T is said to have submitted a ‘dossier’ to EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’ Ariccia and embassies of EU member countries in Harare on January 31, a report by a local weekly revealed.
“The insiders said the opposition party wants the European grouping to extend the embargo, on the basis of the five claims it has been harping on since the elections,” reads the report in part.
“The claims are election fraud, a compromised judiciary, the absence of media reforms, the indigenisation policy, and the role of the military in politics.”
So what is the catch here?
It is pretty obvious given its tainted history in Zimbabwe that the MDC-T, in conjunction with the EU and the US are deliberately trying to create conditions for destabilising the country so that a window of opportunity opens up for the dialogue.
ZANU PF must keep its eyes on the ball. 
The party and Government must never be fooled by the reluctant extension of an invite to the EU-Africa Summit in Brussels because it took the efforts of African leaders at the recent African Union Summit in Addis to cajole the Western bloc to invite President Robert Mugabe.
The reality is that Western attitude towards Zimbabwe has not and will never change.
Secondly, here is a party that got a taste of power in the previous government but failed to bring anything meaningful, they love power for what it brings them and not to serve the people.
The economy and the corruption scandals are the entry points to their new push for power.
MDC-T secretary general and shadow Finance Minister, Tendai Biti told reporters in Harare recently during his so-called state of the nation address on the country’s economy that his beleaguered party was ‘open’ to dialogue with the ruling ZANU PF.
Biti shamelessly claimed that the ZANU PF Government had ‘failed’ to honour electoral promises and that it should ‘surrender’ the running of the country’s affairs.
These are no doubt strong words coming from a party known for its recklessness when it comes to pursuing its agenda.
Many might remember that during the early days of the so-called Inclusive Government the then MDC-T spokesperson Nelson Chamisa openly declared that their entry into government presented an opportunity to ‘grab power from within’.
The point here is that having dismally failed to grab the power, it would be naïve for progressive Zimbabweans to think that the MDC-T would rest on its laurels while watching ZANU PF going it alone.
“All we can say as MDC is that the nation needs dialogue,” said Biti.
“It is clear that ZANU PF is directionless, and clueless and there has to be dialogue in this country.
“It is very key that there has to be dialogue.
“It is a very dangerous situation to have a country not talking to each other.
“It’s a hallmark of instability, the hallmark of a broken down society.
“So Zimbabweans have to talk to each other to come up with a solution.
“The starting point is on the side of ZANU PF to accept that it has failed.
“To accept that they cannot lead us on their own, to accept that they are men of the past and to accept that problems are not solved by the same mind-set that created them-never mind that they are on the elderly side of life there has to be dialogue.”
Adding to Biti’s nonsensical proposal was Wharton who called for what he said was ‘unconditional’ dialogue to the ‘country’s crisis’.
There has never been doubt about America’s bully tactics on smaller nations but for Wharton to dabble into our internal affairs is tantamount to trampling on our sovereignty.
America, EU and the MDC-T must never waste their time talking about another coalition when our constitution clearly stipulates that a party that wins elections assumes offices until the next polls.
What the trio are proposing is no doubt a futile dream.
Let those with ears listen.


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