Mirror to Cde Mugabe’s life


DURING one of his birthday celebrations, former president of Zimbabwe Cde Robert Mugabe said he was inspired by star gospel musician Shingisai Suluma’s song ‘Nanhasi’.
At the ripe age of 93, the hit song probably had a meaningful connection to his long life.
As the nation finally got to terms with his resignation on November 21 2017, the song once again had meaning but only that this time, Cde Mugabe will no longer be President of Zimbabwe.
“Kurarama kwangu kwose makandichengeta, hurwere nehutano muchindichengeta, pakuwisirwa pasi, pakubaiwa neminzwa nenyika yakatukwa, mandichengeta, nanhasi munongondichengeta Ishe. Handinganete kutenda,” goes some of the lyrics in the song.
Certainly the lyrics are not only inspiring, but are a reflection of Cde Mugabe’s life as an iconic leader before and after independence.
His contribution to Zimbabwe will always be remembered and cherished in equal measure.
Listening to Mai Suluma’s song, one can only ponder on the significance as the iconic leader slowly retreats from public life.
It is also through such a song that one can only reminisce and celebrate at the same time, the contributions of Cde Mugabe to Zimbabwe and Africa’s cause.
Without doubt, music is one of the most inspiring artistic element that shaped the former President’s life as a politician and leader of Zimbabwe.
There is no doubt November 21 2017 is a memorable day in the history of Zimbabwe as Cde Mugabe resigned as leader of Zimbabwe.
His career as President of Zimbabwe can be celebrated through music.
Good or bad, depending on how one views it, various musical renditions composed and played at political gatherings and rallies reflect the indelible mark that Cde Mugabe left in the political history of the country.
One cannot talk about Cde Mugabe’s 37-year-old rule without referring to how music was used to either revere or belittle him.
Music therefore can be said to be the mirror of Cde Mugabe’s political career.
Musicians that include the legendary Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi, the ‘quiet’ and ‘shy’ Leonard Zhakata and man of the moment Mukudzei ‘Jah Prayzah’ Mukombe have contributed in the music circles by delivering what can be termed ‘prophetic songs’.
Jah Prayzah, however, can be said to have scooped the crown when it comes to delivering prophetic songs.
His popular track ‘Mudhara Vachauya’ was used to headline the ‘popular’ ZANU PF Presidential Youth Interface Rallies that ultimately led to the initiation of ‘Operation Restore Legacy’ by the military.
‘Mudhara Vachauya’ made headlines for being a controversial song that was alleged to be prophesying the ascendency of Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa.
However, the song was in fact, played at ZANU PF rallies as a praise song for former president Mugabe.
As if that was not enough, Jah Prayzah’s latest album Kutonga Kwaro is also said to be controversial in a way.
Currently one of the most played song in Zimbabwe, the title track ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ has left many concluding that the lyrics are a celebration of Cde Mnangagwa as Zimbabwe’s preferred leader.
“Zaruraiwo dura, sasikaiwo ngoma nyangwe huku dzamaundura, ndakuchinja mutemo.
Rasvika gamba, rinofadza nenherera…vakaranga motyora muzura, kwasvika gamba riye rinotonga musha,” are some of the lyrics.
It is also difficult to talk about the political gatherings of Cde Mugabe without mentioning the impact of Mbare Chimurenga Choir.
Without doubt, the group composed powerful songs that celebrated Cde Mugabe.
Mainly composed of women, the group is a tool which was used to praise and applause Cde Mugabe.
The songs composed by this group were not only addictive but tell a very important part of history.
One of the group’s popular tracks, ‘Jongwe Rinorira Rimwechete’ remains in the minds of many as a praise song for Cde Mugabe that highlighted his power and authority.
The song also became an anthem at the infamous youth interface rallies.
Mbare Chimurenga Choir also became popular for releasing songs such as ‘MuZimbabwe’, ‘Nyatsoteerera Unzwe Kutonga’ and ‘Simukai Tiverengane’, among others.
It is through such musical compositions that the power of a musician is reflected as a story teller, prophet and entertainer.
When Cde Mugabe was holding political rallies and youth interfaces, musicians were at the forefront of praising him. The paradox of it was that he was ‘kissing’ ‘goodbye’ to the presidency at the same time.


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