Miscegenation’s lasting effects: Part One…proponents of race keeping


RACE mixing through copulation is known as miscegenation. 

Miscegenation has been a subject of debate for millennia now.

The biblical Abraham forbade his descendants to marry women from races besides their own. He married Sarah, his paternal half sister and conceived by Hagar, an Egyptian maid.

Ishmael his son married an Egyptian and Isaac his brother married Rebekah, Abraham’s brother’s daughter.

Jacob the son of Isaac married Leah and Rachel, daughters of Rebekah’s brother Laban. We can clearly see here that Abraham wanted to conserve his Afro Asiatic phenotype and only gave exceptions to Egyptians because they were indistinguishable to his race.

Why was he against race mixture? Marcus Garvey and Adolf Hitler were no different. On the contrary, there have been individuals in history who were proponents of miscegenation. The most notable of these being Alexander, the so called great.

Alexander was called a bastard all his life, because he was conceived before his mother was courted by Philip, the king of Macedonia. He came out black and smooth skinned unlike the Greeks who were typically red and hairy. His biological father was an Egyptian of royal blood, a thing which would cause Alexander to be crowned king of Egypt shortly after violently securing his step father’s throne.

He was more athletic and driven than most Greeks and believed it was from his paternal black ancestry. 

Thus Alexander proposed to strengthen the European race by mixing with the black Asiatic race to form a Eurasian (coloured) race.

Consequently, with the spread of the Greeks came a lightening of the phenotypes of the Asiatic peoples who now range from black, brown to red and are commonly referred to as Arabs.

The southern Europeans would spread to the Americas via the Conquistadors and other colonial groups that invaded the land from 1492 CE onwards.

The Spanish and Portuguese colonisers would kill the indigenous blacks and Mongols they ran into there, enslave and rape their women. Millions died from initial contact with the Europeans, from contracting small pox and syphilis via rape. Since this invasion of south America by southern Europeans, the race of Latinos ranges from red, brown and black.

So here we have the establishment of two largely mulatto groups which take up a large chunk of the world’s population.

Do they still honour, or remember their roots. The truth is people have a hard time believing Che Guevara and Fidel Castro were southern Europeans. 

Some people also have a hard time believing that the original Arabs such as the Remba were black.

The southern Europeans who became Latinos in southern America have truly been disconnected with their homeland and are bound only by an inherited phenotype and language. The same goes with the Remba who have not been in Arabia for centuries but retained the names and culture of their ancestors in Yemen.

The ancestors of the Remba had strict restrictions against miscegenation and upon encountering threats of cultural and racial dilution in Yemen, they sailed permanently into Africa. Here they married from groups such as the Venda and the Karanga to conserve their phenotype. The prophet Muhammad was an Arabian and said he was there to teach both the blacks and the reds. Islam thus attracted many groups to places like Mecca, including the Turks who are very light skinned. 

They are called Mashrik Arabs and they would eventually take over the holy sites of Mecca, Jerusalem and also Egypt during the period of Ottoman and Turkish world rule. Nowadays, Egyptians are made to resemble the current inhabitants of the land, despite the fact that they do not match the ancient artefacts which were undoubtedly negroid. 

The Ottomans themselves were originally black as depicted in the drawings of the Crusades. Their founder namely Ousman was described as not only black but dark. His descendants would start a millet system which involved absorbing individuals from all over so as to absorb whatever knowledge they had. 

In Europe many groups took refuge in Turkey because of this system. 

Some exceptional individuals were made janissaries, meaning nobles in the king’s courts. They would intermarry with the Turks and some would rise above in the ranks and have authority in the empire. Thus Turkey exported the European and Mongol race to places as close to us as Sudan, and as far-off as Persia (Iran) and Xinjiang in China.

These would mix with the indigenous populations and lighten the Asiatc and African phenotypes. As for north Africa, the original Berbers and Moors were black people. They still exist in their original form in the south of places like Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Algeria among groups like the Taureg. They have a similar paternal genetic code (E1b1b1) to the people of Burkina Faso. The northern Arabs were as dark as those Arabia and both had an attraction to light skin women. When they became prominent in world rule during the Moorish period they traded their resources for women among other things in places like Spain.

Upon encountering the Caucasian race and the Slavic whites in particular, they were especially intrigued by the Slavic women who were pale white skinned, blonde haired and grey eyed. It became a status symbol to have a white concubine for owning slaves alone was a big enough symbol of wealth.

Some would forsake the Islamic law that allows only four wives if each is treated fairly and would have hundreds of concubines, most of them white.

After a few generations, many of the northern Arabs became white skinned.

To understand how quick one transforms with generations from one race to another, we have to go back to the findings of racial sciences. The terms I will be using in reference to coloureds were used during the times of black slavery.

A pure blooded black (negro) male mixed with a pure blooded white female produced a hard mulatto, much like Barack Obama. A pure blooded white Caucasian male mixed with a pure blooded black female produced a soft mulatto, much like Bob Marley.

Examples of octaroons are Melanesians like Abraham Lincoln and Elvis Presley. who both looked white but had wooly black hair and a full voice. 

The mixture between Indians and whites was called Mestizo. Indians also had a dominant gene as compared to whites because it took several generations for them to become convincingly white.

Thus we have on earth an expansive miscegenation history among blacks (Africans), reds (Southern Europeans), whites (Caucasians) and yellows (Mongols) which has led to the existence of intermingled races particularly among the Arabs and Latinos.

In places where such groups reside, we find that they are made to identify first with Arab and Latin language before their race. Meaning they can be ethnically classified as Arab because they are Muslim and speak Arabic, though they may be white.

In Latin America a black man will be called Latino simply because they speak a Latin language like Spanish or Portuguese.


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