Motivational Corner: Charity brings peace and happiness


By Beatrice Sithole Email:

AMONG the factors that contribute to one’s happiness is doing good to others and giving charity.  

It is a noble thing to do good to others-to be aware of other peoples’ ends and to try and fulfill those needs however one is able to do so.  

One does not have to be rich to be in a position to share with those in need.  There is so much that each and every one of us can give to help change someone’s world.

It is true that whichever situation we might find ourselves in life there is always someone, somewhere who is in a worse predicament than ours. That is in terms of wealth, health or any other social situation.  

That person therefore, can benefit from whatever we can give them at that particular time. It can be a hug, a smile, a word of encouragement or any other kind of support.
The problem, in many cases is that most of us are too selfish to even notice the needs of that person who is in dire need and who could do with that little something we could give out if we really wanted to.

Many of us are so busy trying to acquire wealth so much that what is always ringing in our heads is “me, me and my family.”  
When we wake up in the morning, the first thing which comes into our minds is “what and how can I better myself?” and the last thing which comes to our minds at the end of the day is “how much did I achieve and how best can I get more tomorrow?”

How sad as at the end of the day all this wealth that one might have accumulated does not bring true happiness and peace. It is okay for one to work hard towards enriching oneself, but in the process we need to think of others too.  When we are blessed with riches let us remember those who have nothing.  

When we have good health, let us also remember those who are sick. When we have freedom, let us remember those who are imprisoned. When we are surrounded with family, let us remember those without family.
When we are happy, let us remember those who are grieving.

Let us all look out for that person near us who needs something from us no matter how little and let us give with a lot of love.  If we do that, we will be amazed at how much peace and happiness we will get.  

In fact, we will find that the more we do good to others, the lighter we will feel and the inner peace we will have will make us glow and we will enjoy living each and every day.

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