Motivational Corner-Don’t go to your grave with unused talents


By Beatrice Sithole Email:

TIME and again we hear stories about ordinary people who do seemingly impossible things when they find themselves in an emergency situation.   Everyday we hear or read about people who, when faced with multitudes problems have found strength to overcome them – things they never dreamed they were capable of doing.  Wouldn’t it be great if we did not wait until we are pushed to the limit to be able to perform.   If we could harness that strength and make it available anytime we need it.   I sometimes wonder if at all there is anything a human being is incapable of doing, if he puts all his brains and energy into it.   One of the wonderful things about life is that we are all unique with different levels of intelligence, interests, attitudes and desires.   All we need to do is be our best wherever we are.   Regardless of the gifts we may have received at birth and whichever skills we may have since developed, we all have the capability to improve and be the best at what we do. Being the best is strictly a reflection of your attitude and your desire to shine through your God given talents.   If you put your best in everything you do, if each day you resolve to make things happen and resolve to use your skills to your best ability, you will make a positive impact in the world. I cannot imagine the number of unused talents which are being buried all over the world each and every day.   Lord help us when we are called to account for all the unused and often abused talents which we are all blessed with.   Talents which we were given to help improve and not to destroy our lives and our beautiful world. Ask yourself today, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, ask yourself if you are using all your talents to the best of your ability.   If not, what is stopping you?   Always remember that it is never too late to begin improving your knowledge and skills so that you can be in a better position to use to the maximum all your talents. Do not let your great talents get buried unused.


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