Motivational Corner :Enjoy living every day of your life


By Beatrice Sithole Email:
STEPHEN Leacock wrote, “The young child says: when I will become a bigger boy. The boy says : when I become a teenager, and when that time comes he says when I am a man and after all these stages one’s thoughts constantly follow the tune of the following: when I will be able to retire.
“But when one actually reaches old age and looks back, he is scorched by a cold wind.  
“He lost his whole life.  
“It dwindled away without ever living inside it.  
“And thus we learn, only when it is too late, that life is to be lived every breathing minute and hour.”
How so true, funny how we all go through life hoping for a better tomorrow.
The tomorrow which might never come anyway.  
I have stopped waiting for tomorrow.  
I learnt a long time ago after losing a close friend and my only brother – both through car accidents while they were still in their prime, that I should live my life one day at a time.  
I learnt that I should cherish life and enjoy living each and every second for as long as I am alive.
Sometimes we go through life with burdens and baggage that are so heavy, so much that we fail to appreciate the gift of life.  
We need to constantly remember that when a day is gone it is gone – we can never have it back again no matter how good or how bad it was.  
As each second ticks away, we are losing time, therefore, we have to make the best out of each moment.  
As we go through life, let us always consider that ‘this day will not come back again’.
Let us aim to enjoy living each and every day – no matter what.
It is all very well to look back at our past (just for a moment) and learn from our mistakes or to improve on what we feel we did not do very well.  
However, our past may steal or it might mar the joy of living today.  
Neither should we let our fears for tomorrow deprive us the present joy.  
We should never delay living in the present because of fears and apprehensions about the future.
Each morning as we wake up let us cherish the fact that we have seen yet another day and let us enjoy life, making full use of the next 24 hours.  
We should always remember that someone, somewhere has failed to see this precious day.  
Through all the hardships and challenges that we may face every day let us try to enjoy living knowing fully well that this day will never come back again. 


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