Motivational Corner:Don’t carry the weight of the globe on your shoulders


By Beatrice Sithole Email:

IN a certain class of people there rages an internal war, one that doesn’t take place on the battlefield, but in one’s bedroom, one’s office, one’s own home.  
It is a war that results in ulcers or an increase in blood pressure.  
These people become angry at anything and everything that doesn’t go according to their own plans.  
The state of affairs within their families or country upsets them in a big way.  
They are forever perturbed and vexed, no matter what the reason.
My advice to you is this: do not carry the weight of the globe on your shoulders. Let the ground carry the burden of those things that happen, and do not attempt to carry them.  
Do not have a heart that is like a sponge, absorbing all kinds of problems, family, country or world issues.  
Do not be troubled by some insignificant matters – troubles which you might never be capable of solving on your own.  
Do not be worried by all that takes place around you.
This kind of heart is sure to destroy you.
People who are principled and are of strong character are not shaken by hardships. Instead, they learn to tackle issues that they know they can solve, but the rest they set aside and continue with the business of living their life to the full.  
But when the weak- hearted are faced with the challenges of life they stop living.  
They get weighed down with problems to the extent that they wish they were dead. For them, life loses its meaning, wherever they go and whatever they do – they will be carrying a heavy weight on their shoulders.
At a time of calamity, there is nothing more beneficial to you than a brave heart.
In life you are bound to come across different problems – these might be personal, family, business or national.  
But if you desire for yourself a stable life, face all situations with bravery and perseverance.  
Pay your attention to each situation according to its size, weight and measure.  
Stay away from immoderation or from exceeding the proper bounds – exaggeration.  
Put everything in perspective and never allow yourself to live with the weight of the world on your shoulders.


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