Motivational Corner:How you view yourself influences how others perceive you


By Beatrice Sithole

IF you are a confident, cheerful, positive person, many people will be attracted to your personality.  
It is a well known fact that everybody wants to be associated with people who are self-confident, people who are trustworthy and who care for others.  
People who have no confidence, who are always negative, unhappy and complaining are never a joy to be with.  
The same can be said about people who cheat, lie and who have no consideration for others – such people, many tend to repel them.
If you view yourself as a great person with great influence to people around you – that you will be  without putting much effort at all.  When you behave positively, you will positively influence everyone around you – including yourself.  
The trick is to begin working on your attitude from the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed in the evening.  
As you get up each morning, think positive thoughts about yourself, other people, the world and life in general.
Even when at times you feel unhappy, when everything seems to be going wrong, force yourself to behave in a positive manner.  
After a while you will find your mood changing, your spirits will be lifted and you will bounce back to the confident, cheerful, great person that you were created to be.
Many a time the mind doesn’t know the difference between an artificial emotion and the real thing.  
This is why when a person who gets to a crowd which is jumping around making joyful noises, that very person, who might have been crying in agony a while ago, would suddenly join in the happy mood and starts crying tears of joy.  
That is precisely how your mind operates.  Think good thoughts about everything and you will find yourself floating on top of the clouds every day.
You can influence many people greatly by the way you perceive yourself.  Think great thoughts about yourself. Never let your mind dwell on negative things.  
Think positive, talk positive, act positive and you will definitely attract a multitude of people as many are tired of living around negative characters.  
We all need to encourage each other to live our lives to the full with no regrets.
We should aim to live happy lives even when it appears to be difficult to do so.


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