Movement to be maintained for future generations


IN 1986, the ZANU PF Youth League established an educational and cultural movement for children aimed at fostering principles of hard work and honesty as espoused by President Robert Mugabe.
The Youth League carried out a research to see how similar movements were constituted in sister republics like Cuba, Angola and Mozambique.
After a comprehensive and thorough research, a document was presented to the ZANU PF Central Committee and was adopted.
After consultations with relevant stakeholders, it was agreed that children aged between five and 14 would be taught to emulate the selfless life of President Mugabe.
They were to be nurtured to grow up endowed with President Mugabe’s enduring spirit of sacrifice to the nation.
ZANU PF Youth League Secretary, Cde Absolom Sikhosana has said the 21st February Movement will continue to be celebrated by the party long after President Mugabe is gone.
“The 21st February Movement will be there for posterity, this is a legacy that will be maintained by generations to come,” Cde Sikhosana said.
Celebrated under different themes in tandem with national policies, this year it will be held under the theme, ‘Zim-ASSET — Growing the Economy for Youth Empowerment and Employment’.
President Mugabe’s birthday has become a time not only for celebrations, but introspection and reminding youths that they have a role to play in the future of the country.
President Mugabe is on record calling for the empowerment of blacks and that the youths must not be left out.
The latest economic blue print, Zim-ASSET which seeks to boost economic growth specifically mentions the empowerment of youths.
This year’s celebrations come at a time when the Western media have shamelessly sought to portray President Mugabe as a selfish leader bent on staying in power and this despite the fact that he received an overwhelming vote in the July 31 2013 harmonised elections.
The Western media chooses to ignore that President Mugabe has over time proved to have foresight in terms of advancing the development and self sustenance of Zimbabweans and African people as a whole.
The 21st February Movement has made efforts to sensitise the so-called born-frees about the history of Zimbabwe and moulding them into legitimate leaders of tomorrow who understand the meaning of real independence.
There is no doubt it is the youth who took to the bush during the country’s liberation war and currently it is the youths who are expected to take a leading role in the fight against some of the country’s challenges such as corruption.
It is also imperative for youths to uphold the country’s culture and heritage and, as President Mugabe always says youths must ensure that Zimbabweans are in total control of their economic means of production, particularly land.
The 21st February Movement therefore provides the youth of Zimbabwe and Africa the opportunity to revisit the life of this Pan-Africanist and reflect on how they too can contribute to the development of their respective countries and the entire continent.


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