Never trust the West


THE resounding victory by ZANU PF in the July 31 polls should have forced any normal foe into submission, but regrettably Britain and her Western allies do not belong to this category.
It will be gross naivety on our part if we were to believe that the West after refusing to accept the results endorsed by international observers as free, fair and credible would just end there.
History would prove us wrong.
The West is notoriously known for their record of infiltrating political parties in order to rid a country of leadership it does not want.
We don’t have to go far.
That icon of African nationalism, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, was ousted after the West poisoned the political thinking of Ghanaians into believing that their leader was a ‘devil’.
What the West really liked was a pliant leadership in Ghana that would allow them easy access to the gold mines.
The cunning West showed another tactic of their treachery, when Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi had shown his uncompromising opposition to Western imperialism.
Somehow, they went to him directly and the gullible Gaddafi swallowed their trap hook, line and sinker.
Poor Gaddafi gladly accepted their hugs and red carpets, as the cunning Western imperialists quietly stirred up rebellion in Benghazi.
When Gaddafi tried to suppress a rebellion in Benghazi his new Western ‘friends’ accused him of killing his own people and plotted his assassination.
Such ruthlessness is characteristic of the West whenever they want to achieve their selfish objectives in any country.
Latin America, the backyard of the United States has many such cases with the chilling coup against Salvador Allende of Chile a notable example.
And when all this happens, the West has never shown any interest in the welfare of the people after their imposed regime change.
However, despite all this the West has always found willing allies from the host country it would have decided to effect regime change.
Zimbabwe is no exception.
Following the convincing victory of ZANU PF in the last general election, the West will continue to devise other ways of subverting the peoples’ will.
In fact, it is no secret that the West’s sacrosanct agenda is to get rid of all political parties with a liberation background in Southern Africa by hook or by crook.
Elsewhere in this edition, we carry a story of how a certain Alan Fish has decided to infiltrate the Zimbabwean polity through coffee shops with the sole purpose of effecting regime change.
These people are tricksters.
They will pretend to speak the same language as ZANU PF with the intention of fooling the gullible as they carry out their regime change agenda.
That is why we remained very suspicious when ECONET Wireless and NANGO all of a sudden declared their abhorrence to sanctions recently.
ZANU PF has been warned over and over again of the dangers of infiltration and even the possibility of their own perceived genuine cadres turning into moles.
ZANU PF has to remain on guard as the danger of infiltration through ‘investment’ and ‘re-engagement’ remains real.
Regime change through the ballot box has suffered a severe setback and the West feels challenged.
ZANU PF as the party trusted by the Zimbabwean electorate is obliged to fend off all the regime change machinations, be they subtle or brazen.


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