NGO names misleading


NOW that all interested gladiators in the July 31 harmonised elections have taken stock of their performance, their reactions betray their true reason for existence.
As we pointed out during the campaign period, some of the interested parties had motives which were different from the aspirations of the people they claimed they loved.
Their sole interest seemed to be to milk as much money as possible from Western donors with sketchy knowledge about the Zimbabwean polity.
For a start the MDC, which was always happy to sing from the same hymnbook with its Western friends saw nothing wrong with the illegal sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe by their allies.
And yet the electorate they were persuading to vote for them were the very people who were victims of the debilitating unlawful sanctions.
What bound the MDC together then was not an ideology based on the needs of Zimbabweans, but a policy of expediency that was in sync with the British gentry still smarting from the loss of land through the Land Reform Programme.
These are the people who are the traditional financiers of the MDC.
Funds are now reported to be drying up following the decisive victory of ZANU PF because of its people centred policies.
Because the MDC is an amalgam of individuals with no cause binding them together, the party appears to be disintegrating.
And it looks like the criterion of whoever is claiming to have the ability to save the party is the trust they claim Western financiers and Rhodies have in them.
So it is the cash element at the forefront at these organisations used by the West to bring about illegal regime change in our country.
The MDC were not alone in benefitting financially in their endeavour to be used by the West as a tool to make Zimbabwe a colony again.
They had a strong ally in a plethora of so-called non-governmental organisations which had been religiously engaged in regime change activities.
We have already carried stories of how these so-called civil society organisations had a local leadership that had no concern whatsoever for the people whose social life they claimed to be uplifting.
All they did was to persuade their Western donors to give them cash and what they did with it was something else.
Instead of giving villagers farm inputs, some would see nothing wrong in giving them radio sets or bicycles instead.
Now that funds have dried up following the thrashing of the MDC, the West’s surrogate, the true colour of these NGOs is now coming out.
Elsewhere in this edition, we carry a story of a leading ‘humanitarian’ organisation called Goal Zimbabwe, which is reported to be folding because funds are no longer forthcoming.
What is striking about this Irish funded humanitarian NGO is the reported callousness with which it is dismissing its workers.
They are being dismissed empty handed and without notice.
What’s humanitarian about all this?
But the modus operandi of these regime change organisations has always been the same.
They give themselves names to dupe the gullible that they are there for a worthy cause.
For instance what democratic change can you expect from a movement being funded by Ian Smith disciples like Roy Bennett and Iain Kay?
What crisis is there in Zimbabwe that the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition purports to be solving?
And there is nothing peaceful at all about the Zimbabwe Peace Project.
All these organisations are there to raise money for some cunning individuals, but the Zimbabwean voters saw through all this on July 31 2013.


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