NGOs and the constitutional commissions: Part Two


By Nondumiso Sibanda

GOOD day dear reader!
This week I am continuing with the article from last week which is part of a four-part series.
The non-governmental organisation (NGO) agenda for the commissions which are in the constitution is nothing less than scandalous.
This week we are looking at one of the biggest gold mines for the NGOs and it is the Human Rights Commission.
We have heard over and over again that Zimbabwe does not respect human rights and this is the NGO sector that has been making money from accusing us as a nation for ‘failing’ to uphold human rights.
One of the things that have been constantly pushed for by NGOs is a Human Rights Commission.
Zimbabwe, however, had one on the cards already regardless of this NGO hunger for one which as we shall learn is for personal gain.
National Human Rights Institutions or NHRIs are required at international level and are a sign that a country has nothing to hide. In the case of Zimbabwe, we did not even wait for the new constitution to have a human rights commission.
We created one before and put it in the constitution to legitimise it.
Unfortunately, the Human Rights Commission should brace itself for the entire NGO milking crew.
Every NGO will want to be associated with the commission because the foundation of all NGOs is based on human rights whether they are civil, political or reproductive; they are all human rights.
You see, every NGO has outcomes to produce to get more funding.
The bigger the outcomes, the bigger the funding they will get.
Working with the Human Rights Commission is something that is considered a great outcome for an organisation especially if they ensure that the agenda of the donor is pushed forward.
For instance, the agenda of gays and lesbians is something that some NGOs are going to want to sneak into.
The reason is that most donors are actually pushing for this agenda.
I once indicated to you that most of the donors are actually gays and lesbians themselves and hence it is important that they have Zimbabwe as a safe zone for other lesbians and gays.
For your information great Zimbabweans, some donors actually pulled out after ZANU PF won the elections because they knew that Tsvangirai supported gays and lesbians and that is why they wanted him to be President.
Now with the Human Rights Commission in the constitution, there is going to be a lot of pressure to get the Government of Zimbabwe to align its laws with the international treaties that it has ratified.
Internationally, that is one of the roles of the commission.
However, for the NGOs, they are out to please their masters the donors and they are going to pour a lot of money into ensuring that what they want happens.
I am here to plead with the commission in advance to look up all NGOs and ensure they understand their mandate first.
Not only will we see the push for gays and lesbians rights, but they might bring in the shadows sexual and reproductive health education to change our children’s sexual orientation.
The other pressures that are going to be there are those of the land issue. Believe it or not, even though Tsvangirai himself surrendered and said that it is irreversible, the white farmers are still in Zambia and Mozambique, waiting and believing that the programme will be reversed.
For them, the Human Rights Commission is a vehicle which will allege that violations took place during the Third Chimurenga.
Of course, this is nothing short of a fallacy and a dream, but trust me dear reader, the NGOs will do anything for money.
The donors are still very angry about the whole so-called ‘land grab’, but we know that it is not as simple as they say it is.
These are just a few of the pressures that the commission has lined up.
I am urging the commission to be careful and to do their research first on any donor or NGO.
Please do not just invite anyone and everyone especially from civil society.
Yes they can give insight into what international treaties state etc and give technical guidance or advice but as for penetrating the commission I think that call is beyond the call of duty.
At the end of the day, the Human rights commission is meant to protect Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans and not foreign ideas and interests.
Let the commission do the work for the people and may they not be blinded by monies thrown around by donors.


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