NGOs and the funding dilemma: Homosexuality – Part Three


AS the Tsvangirai saga continues, donors and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are really fed up and they want to be taken to the next level.
So now while the politics rages on, the NGOs have struck a deal to support homosexuality for further funding.
Homosexuality is now being coined as sexual orientation, sexual and reproductive health rights and sexual and bodily integrity.
When we look at all this, one cannot help, but see the great lengths at which local NGOs will go to for funding.
A few weeks ago there was an advertisement in the newspapers and on the internet for some jobs at Christian Aid.
I then decided to browse and see what this organisation which is a popular funding manager was all about.
At the bottom of the application form was a disclaimer which stated that they welcomed all applications and did not discriminate on grounds of race, sex, age …sexual orientation.
I know.. well I can understand main stream organisations, but for a so-called faith-based international organisation, founded on so-called Christian values to say they do not have a problem with sexual orientation when the Bible itself is very clear about God’s mandate on this, then one can only see that the carrot called funding is making organisations forget even their own core values.
So homosexuality has become the new donor strategy and a lot more NGOs are now willing and eager to engage in talking about this.
At the rate at which we are going as a nation, one will not be surprised to see that the new generation is not going to find anything wrong with being a homosexual.
The problem I have with this is that why should one’s sexual orientation be lambasted on the roof tops.
Why can it not be something that one does in their private life.
Zimbabwe has actually been quite tolerant if one goes to a country like Uganda, homosexuals are being burnt alive.
Something which I do not agree with because it is murder, but all I am saying is that what is it with this buzz around sexual orientation.
I have never seen heterosexuals shouting on the roof tops about their heterosexuality.
It is amazing how the donors keep emphasising now on sexual minority rights. The funding issue is not just in NGOs only, but also in the academia.
One is now hearing of universities that are dealing with courses that call for the rights of ‘sexual minorities’ so that they can get research funds which enable them to pay monies that are different from the usual monthly salaries.
It is turning into more or less a fundraising gimmick for all.
The power of education cannot be looked down on.
If this is now being taught to impressionable youths and teenagers then soon everyone is just going to want be a homosexual to get money.
It is amazing how rape has come to the centre stage and issues of intergenerational heterosexual relationships, but right now we have these white elderly men from top NGOs in the country who are busy going to universities to take young boys and have sex with them in hotels and then give them money yet I have not seen any programming around this.
What is even worse is that when it comes to contracting HIV, it is easier to get it when one is gay because of the anal sex that they will be having.
The NGOs are really quiet about this and there is no programming that is being done.
But let it be a heterosexual elderly man or woman then they are called sugar daddy and sugar mummy and a lot of funding is being siphoned to stop these kind of relationships.
Please do not get me wrong, I am not for such relationships.
I am just merely pointing out the hypocrisy that is taking place or in the name of funding.
I will not mince my words.
Funding should not be tied to issues of sexual orientation.
Please go to South Africa where corrective rape is busy taking place.
In Zimbabwe, all that has been happening has been an expression of the majority of people and their distaste for such sexualities and it is exactly that, their opinion.
May the NGOs begin to unravel the sodomy and the sexual manipulation of youths and boys in schools by adult white gays and even those elderly black men who have bought into this notion.
As for society be sure to really question and try to understand what kind of programme your child is attending if you hear of sexual and bodily integrity.
It is the way in which they are now encouraging youths to participate in gay tendencies.
They even pay them some monies for attending these workshops.
A lot of funding is being put forward and it is up to us as a population to put an end to this.


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