No to economic saboteurs


EDITOR — I WRITE to you to express exasperation over the wanton price increases that we have witnessed in this country over the past few days.
I believe there is an attempt by some unscrupulous people within our midst to destroy our economy.
They have been hell-bent on sabotaging the economy in order to create a crisis that is not there.
But history has taught our nation that when it comes to our country, crises can be induced.
Memories of the horrors of 2008 are still fresh in our minds and we will not allow anyone, regardless of political affiliation, to take us back to that horrible period.
I am trying, Editor, to find justification for the increase in prices of locally made goods and products.
These people don’t have a moral compass or understanding of how business operates.
They do not have any foreign input into their products but surprisingly, they are the ones who are rushing to increase the prices.
Then there is a grouping of those who have had stock that lasts three months.
Editor, how do these people justify price increases when they bought their stock months ago. What has changed between the time they bought their stock and now?
We have a nation to build and surely we can’t have those who revel in the people’s suffering continue running businesses.
We cannot continue to have purported business people making us suffer because they are driven by the profit motif.
What we have in this country is a culture of profiteering.
How does one who is selling bananas or apples demand to be paid in US dollars?


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