No way out for NGOs


AS the election fever rages, that there is something about Nelson Chamisa’s MDC and NGOs that betrays their shared parentage has become obvious.
For we already know that the real power brokers behind these organisations are in Western capitals.
These are creatures of the West whose sole purpose is to perpetuate neo-colonialism and allow the milking of our natural resources.
But the West are no fools.
To be accepted, it uses these surrogates to promote Western values while demonising those bent on promoting interests of indigenes.
And their definition of ‘democracy’ is not constant.
At times what appears to be a straight forward democratic process is opposed if it is seen to be inimical to the interests of the West.
In the harmonised elections of 2013, the West didn’t want a former liberation movement to win.
Since it appeared obvious that ZANU PF would win, there were concerted efforts to stop the election.
The present attempt by by regime change forces (NGOs and MDC) to discredit the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is to render the constitutionally established body irrelevant.
Here, expediency is considered superior to a legal requirement and deep down, the West supports it.
This, in some cases, leads to bloodshed and destruction as the Western surrogates try to impose their will with the help of their superiors.
It is these NGOs, with the help of like-minded local political parties, that ensure the intervention of the West.
We have Libya as an example.
NGOs and political parties teamed up with the help of the West to remove Muammar Gaddafi.
What followed was a situation delicious to exploit.
Nobody was in effective control of the country as Western companies swarmed the country repairing damaged infrastructure.
And they paid themselves from the natural resources which were now under their control.
This situation is not limited to Libya.
It applies to all puppets forcibly brought to power by the West.
And the West are unrelenting in using this combination of political parties and NGOs to achieve their objective of controlling otherwise independent nations.
Elsewhere in this edition, we have a story about activities of a NGO called Vanguard Africa, spearheaded by Jeffrey Smith.
Buoyed by the winning of an opposition coalition in recent elections in The Gambia, the civil society organisation is spreading its tentacles.
Its speciality is to aid opposition parties to promote the Western version of ‘democracy’.
The idea of opposition coalitions in order to unite against a Government deemed inimical to the interests of the West is not unique to Zimbabwe.
Raila Odinga of Kenya was also encouraged by Vanguard Africa to form a united cetralised opposition, as this was deemed to improve chances of electoral success.
But the plot to promote the wishes of the West is also equally shared by some sections of the press.
In our case, because a Western surrogate is staring defeat in the face, some sections of the press, with a common cause, try to portray a picture of an uncomfortable environment with headlines ‘full of sound and fury signifying nothing’.
However, it looks like Western surrogates are finding the going tough in Zimbabwe, with elections barely a week away.
With the cutting of funds to NGOs accused of embezzling, Chamisa’s MDC has found itself broke at a time it needs cash for campaigning.
Added to this, scenes of violence, vulgar utterances, defiance of their own constitution on succession by the MDC have not helped the cause of regime change advocates.
Desperate attempts to stop elections through demonstrations are unlikely to succeed.
This puts paid to Ibboston Mandaza’s idea of a transitional arrangement.
ZANU PF and the regime change brigade will face each other at the polls on July 30 2018.


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