Nothing new about Chamisa theatrics


Editorial comment

NELSON Chamisa’s variant of what is left of the MDC is notorious for attention-seeking theatrics to coincide with regional, continental and international events and visits by delegates from these organisations.

The current visit by UN Special Rapporteur on the Negative Impact of Unilateral Coercive Measures on the Enjoyment of Human Rights, Alena Douhan, is no exception.

That Douhan’s visit is to assess the effects of the illegal sanctions imposed by the West on the human rights of ordinary Zimbabweans is of special interest to Chamisa’s party.

The pro-sanctions outfit has therefore gone a step further in its theatrics.

For the drama, this time was not limited to alleged abductions only, but went on to include  the alleged attempted assassination of Chamisa.

One of the alleged high profile abductions is that of a student doctor, Peter Magombeyi. 

Dr Magombeyi’s claims of detention were dismissed as fiction, for a man who came out of detention clean-shaven with his phone fully charged after five days of ‘torture’.

What was significant, however, was that this so-called abduction coincided with the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, which began on September 17 2019.

It turned out this ‘abduction’ was an inside job and Dr Magombeyi was probably living in comfort in one of MDC’ s ‘safe’ houses.

The violence and alleged abductions that confronted Chamisa in Masvingo were likely to be another inside job.

Why would ZANUPF organise to disrupt Chamisa’s programmes in Masvingo?

After all, this province is a ZANU PF stronghold and Chamisa’s party did not get a single seat there in the last harmonised elections .

Even the latest Afrobarometer opinion poll survey predicted that the fractured MDC would be thumped by ZANU PF countrywide.

Why would ZANU PF attack Chamisa now, when only a few months back, before the outbreak of COVID-19, he freely covered the length and breadth of the country campaigning in the last elections?

What sounds credible is that the Masvingo attacks were an inside job by bused MDC supporters masquerading as ZANUPF cadres.

This, the beleaguered Western-backed party hoped would portray ZANU PF as a violent party which does not respect human rights.

Therefore, it was logical to impose illegal sanctions on a Government whose party does not respect human rights, they would argue, with the support of Western-sponsored  Civic Society Organisations (CSOs).

The history of the MDC Alliance is littered with fake stories of violence and abductions falsely attributed to ZANU PF. 

And this time they have decided to upgrade ZANU PF’s ‘crime’ to felony by an attempt to assassinate Chamisa by shooting at his car while he was touring Manicaland.

Again this has turned out likely to be yet another inside job.

Holes can easily be shot through Chamisa’s assassination story since his party is unwilling to co-operate with the police as they investigate .

Moreover, the claim that the so-called ‘bullet’ holes were made by hammer and chisel has not been challenged. 

Again, the main reason for stage-managing such a ‘crime’ is to hoodwink the visiting UN Special Rapporteur into believing that human rights are being flouted left right and centre by the ZANU PF Government.

The suffering of the people through these illegal sanctions means nothing to them.

All they want is for the illegal sanctions to continue, with the hope that they will lead to the fall of the Government.

May be Chamisa might like to visit Venezuela, also reeling under US unilateral illegal sanctions.

His counterpart Juan Guaido has tried to take advantage of the situation with massive help from the US, using the same antics as Chamisa.

But he has failed to unseat President Nicolas Maduro.

Unilateral illegal sanctions, evil as they are, are not enough to break a people’s resolve.


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