Of ginger and massage!


IN an age where non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and many other ailments have become common, it’s hard to believe a simple massage and ginger powder could be the ‘the wonder drug’.
Those who have used the ginger powder and ‘original massage’ offered by the Tzu Chi Foundation claim to have had very few visits to the hospital.
According to the foundation, the massage uses no oils or lotions and the ginger is the garden variety ginger.
The massage helps ‘people relax, relieve aching muscles and temporarily boosts a person’s mood’.
The ginger, on the other hand, is simply washed, cut and sun dried.
Ginger has a very long history of use in various forms of traditional or alternative medicine.
The website Healthline indicates that ginger has been used to help digestion, reduce nausea and help fight the flu and common cold.
It can be used fresh, dried, powdered or as an oil or juice and is sometimes added to processed foods and cosmetics.
It is a very common ingredient in many food recipes.
Ginger is believed to drastically lower blood sugars and keeps at bay heart diseases, reduces menstrual pain and prevents cancer.
Tzu Chi Foundation is originally from Taiwan and provides a lot of services to disadvantaged people using natural remedies such as ginger, among others.
Speaking to The Patriot, Tzu Chi of the Tzu Chi Foundation says the healing effect of the massage and the ginger powder can only be testified to by those who have been healed by it.
“The massage concentrates on key points and it helps relieve all the ailments any person suffers from. People simply lie on their back and have the trained personnel administer the massage. The ginger is also taken as according to the instructions given and the healing power is beyond imagination,” Tzu Chi said.
“I remember one time an old man came in with a leg that was almost rotting. We washed it, then covered it with the ginger powder and in no time, worms started coming out of the wound.”
Beauty Kulemela (39) said the Tzu Chi Foundation had over 28 centres and was training people to deliver the original massage which has helped stroke and cancer patients.
“There are sick people who have been healed by this type of treatment. With only ginger powder and the massage, over 100 patients are being served at the various centres. The staff here has since stopped going to hospital, we offer each other the massages and drink the ginger powder which has kept us healthy.”
Nyaradzo Mazambane Karikoga from Sunningdale said the medical assistance from the natural remedy was effective:
“I had had a side pain since 2004 and it seemed I had a tennis ball by my side which the hospital said was caused by the appendix. I had been told by doctors to look for money so that an operation be done but I failed to raise the required monies. I was referred to the foundation where I received massage therapy and ginger. In no time I felt better, now the pain and the ‘tennis’ ball are gone.”
Tambudzai Mufuka (40) disclosed that the club foot her daughter had since birth has disappeared:
“I gave birth to my daughter with club foot and had been seeking medical help for her for a while. I had been referred to specialists where I was supposed to pay US$500 but I could not go because I did not have the funds. When I heard about the Tzu Chi Foundation I took my daughter there for help and here she got massages which have helped her. When I went back to the hospital the doctors said my daughter no longer needed specialist attention.”
Sakinai Viazhero (45) said the treatment being administered by Tzu Chi Foundation had proved helpful, especially to children who cannot talk.
“There are cases of children who could not talk but can now talk and those who could not walk but can now walk,” she said.
Flora Tshuma said the massage training from the Tzu Chi Foundation helped her brother recover from being bedridden:
“My brother in Malawi had become bedridden and since I had received the massage training, I decided to administer it to my brother and had him drink the ginger powder. In two months he had recovered tremendously.”
According to the therapists at the foundation, people should not be quick to use synthetic drugs while there are natural remedies that are equally effective, if not better.


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