One of our own rare breeds


HEROES have always been celebrated for their courage, determination, humility, virtue and patriotism.
On rare occasions do you find one with a complete package.
The late Cde Nathan Shamuyarira has been described by many as a leader with “the complete package, a leader whose hallmark was humility.”
In the words of President Robert Mugabe, “he died a poor man… but rich in his views.”
His success as a politician has largely been attributed to his humility.
The Patriot went out into the streets to find out what Zimbabweans had to say about this fallen hero who will forever live among progressive Zimbabweans.
Oliver Mutembayi (Mabvuku): “I don’t know much about Cde Nathan Shamuyarira, but what I know is that, he is one of the Cabinet Ministers with a clean record in office.
“The media landscape was positively changed by the late comrade.
“He is the first Information Minister that made sure programming at the national broadcaster was true to our independence.
“We were taught to embrace our freedom and to remain vigilant and not to take it for granted.
“He was an excellent information minister.
“He is that kind of leader that will forever live in our hearts because of his immense contribution to the shaping of national ideology in the country.”
Alice Masenguridza (Norton): “VaShamuyarira was a very humble person.
“Munhu aisvikika kwaari.
“With his level of education, you would not expect him to come down to the level of ordinary people.
“In fact, he reduced himself so much that you would not think he was that educated.
“We grieve not only because he was a good person but, munhu anga aine vision.
“He was a visionary, aiva nepfungwa dzekuti tiende mberi nenyika, munhu aipa pfungwa dzinovaka nyika.
“Nyangwe pataida kuendesa vana vedu kuzvikoro, he would assist us with scholarships.
“Dai nyika ino yanga ine maleaders akawanda anepfungwa dzakaita sedzavaShamuyarira, we would not have been facing some of these problems we are facing.
“His death has left a hole in our country.”
Shackman Zindi (Mufakose): “Ini hangu ndaingoita zvekunzwa kuti kune munhu anonzi Nathan Shamhuyarira, izvozvo zvinotoratidza kuti akanga ari munhu anga asina basa nekuzivikanwa.
“He was a man who was never embroiled in corrupt activities.
“Munhu akanga asina basa nekurarama a ‘good life’, he left active politics with all its benefits.
“Even mukurwa hondo, he chose to fight for the nation despite him being highly educated.
“Wakanga ari munhu wevanhu, shungu dzake dzakanga dziri dzekuti vanhu veZimbabwe vabudirire murusununguko rwavo.
Betty Mutero (Warren Park): “His death brings tears to my eyes.
“He was never too busy for the people; he would find time no matter how tight his schedule was.
“He was like a father figure to me.
“Munhu wese anoziva vaShamuyarira anotoziva kuti wakanga ari munhu akazvininipisa zvikuru.
“Munhu aikwanisika kushandika naye compared to some of the leaders we have today.
“He was so soft; I mean at times I would arrive late for meetings expecting a scolding from him, asi ndaitosvika vachitoseka havo.
“Munhu ainzwisisa mararamiro edu isu vanhu vasiri kumusoro uko pazvigaro.
“He championed the plight of women, assisting us with various projects and left something we can all hold on to, the importance of humility.
“Young people who aspire to be leaders must emulate his leadership style.”


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