Our children must serve the nation


WE have witnessed what should rank as the most peaceful election in the country’s history.
But it is time to move on.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa could not have said it better when he said it is time to move on and rebuild the nation.
A huge task awaits us all.
There are no winners and losers in an electoral contest, always it is the people who are victors.
The biggest winner is the country, Zimbabwe neupfumi hwayo hwose.
Thus, it saddens me when attempts are made to use our children to destroy their country, their heritage.
Of the things that we treasure in this beautiful and rich-resource country of ours, our children rank top.
As a nation, we will not amount to much if we do not secure our future, which is largely our children.
Thus it is most vile and evil to have people corrupting them and steering them to destroy their motherland.
Our children must continue in the path we have set, dating back hundreds of years.
We must rekindle the Zimbabwean spirit, restore confidence in ourselves, build a Zimbabwean ethos and be ourselves in the family of nations and not apologise for who we are. 
What is critical is for us all to realise that in our language, our proverbs, our customs, our folklore and our history, is our identity.
And this is a message that should be inculcated into and embraced by our youths, the future.
It is illogical for Zimbabwean youths to work towards the downfall of their country.
They must be taught to celebrate and cherish their country’s heritage and achievements.
We must not allow the hijacking of our children by people with malicious hidden agendas.
Our youths must remember that our current able leaders were at one stage the youths.
They were not ordinary youths, but conscientious ones who performed extraordinary acts in the liberation of the country from colonial bondage.
Student politics is not a new phenomenon; the struggle for Zimbabwe was waged by youths, a fair number of whom came from higher learning institutions.
They must remain honourable and strive for that which takes our nation forward.
The lack of patriotism in these ‘politicians’ is scary.
Children born when sanctions were imposed in 2000 are now becoming players in the country; children of that time are now adults.
All these have a duty to the motherland.
And we, the adults, must guide them and show them the Dzimbahwe way.
We have to fight for our children.
Our children must appreciate who they are and where they come from.


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