Our culture respects women


I CANNOT remain quiet as our women continue to be raped and abused physically and emotionally.
While it is commendable that stiffer penalties are being imposed on those abusing our women and the girl-child, that is not sufficient.
How have we as a people gotten to the stage where we have to depend on the courts to protect our women and what protection when violation and psychological damage has already been done?
The violation of our women is an act of sacrilege.
The violation of our women must come to an end and it is not the duty of the courts to end it but our duty as a people, as a society.
Our women have been the pillar of our society since time immemorial.
I cannot remain quiet as our women are being raped by the so-called men-of-cloth.
We respect any religion be it Catholicism, Protestantism and its extremism, Buddhism and Moslems.
What we have a gripe with is that these religions are intolerant of our Chivanhu chedu/ isintu sethu and ways of doing things and therein is the source of our problems.
Our tradition has its ethics and code of conduct, tine maitiro edu nehunhu hwedu, maitiro nehunhu hwaichengetedza madzimai edu kubva pasichigare / imilayo lesintu sethu, imilayo lesintu esasifezwa ngabesifazane bekwedu kusukela endulo.
In its taboos and folklores are basic rules of human conduct which surpass any legal statutes enshrined in the so-called Roman Dutch Law and other laws brought by vasinamabvi / amabhunu.
The moral degeneration being spearheaded by men-of-the-cloth is a symptom of the wider moral decay and cultural disintegration of the societies of vasinamabvi/ amabhunu.
In embracing ‘freedoms’ and ‘rights-to-be’ from vauyi/ ababuyi we have exposed ourselves to dangers and it appears our women are the hardest hit.
When so-called ‘spiritual-fathers’ reign supreme and become the ‘only’ father who is above one’s biological father and it appears also more influential than Musikavanhu /UMdali then we have a serious problem.
Madzimai edu, mhandara dzedu, nemvana dzedu vose vaive nemararamiro aiva chengetedza/ abesifaze bethu, amantombazane kukanti labamithiswayo bonke babelemilayo ebangcinayo.
Probably our Mutapas were right when they executed the Gonzalo da Silveiras.
Some of us have a problem with religious movements that are quick to condemn our traditions and values of a people and replace them with nothing, but empty spiritual promises.
The tragedy is that these promises and new values remove us from our past and our heritage.
They remove us and make us abandon values handed down to us by madzitateguru edu/ okhokho bethu.
We abandon values that made us a people, values that created safety nets and fences to protect us from harm.
Our traditions were never crafted to take advantage of the weaker in society, but to protect them.
We never heard of a Mhondoro or gombwe / idlozi or any spiritual leaders who raped women in their communities, if anyone has historical evidence of this heinous crime please bring it forward.
Our spiritual leaders led chaste lives, Musikavanhu/ UMdali to them is an entity not to be trifled with and many of them led the life of celibacy.
What we see today is heart-rending, when those that are supposed to be custodians of good morals go about raping and impregnating our women we cannot help but question these new values.
Are we not better-off with our own values?
So when we see the men-of-cloth and a collar abusing that all important Christian relic the crucifix and the all important piece of literature the Bible, beware.


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