Parents please play your part


EDITOR — I WOULD like to express dismay at the increasing number of child prostitution in the country if the recent and widespread media reports are anything to go by.
It is my humble submission that as parents we should have the obligation to ensure that we monitor our children’s behaviour and movements if we are going to be able to achieve an HIV free generation.
Inasmuch as we are looking for ways to earn a living and be able to fend for our families, we need to spend time with our children and tell them the dangers that are associated with pre-marital and unprotected sex.
The role of the aunties and uncles has been neutralised by the new family set ups that we have and probably the distances that exist which has affected the original roles of the family; hence it is our obligation as parents to ensure that we educate our children.
It is high time that schools which mould our children also go a step further in hammering the right and correct principles in the children for us to have a better Zimbabwe.
We cannot let our children succumb to diseases which are a result of prostitution and activities that will come to an end if put our foot down.

Concerned Mudzviti


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