People know what they want


The election period has been dubbed the ‘silly season’ but the silliness, fortunately, has been confined to politicians, especially those in the so-called opposition.
The majority of Zimbabweans, heartwarmingly, have nothing to do with this silliness. For long, the story from Zimbabwe during the elections season has been one of violence — but not anymore.
We have refused to let the instigators of violence have their way with us.
Citizens are going about their business peacefully.
The new dispensation made the nation a promise and it has kept it. Indeed, it is no longer business-as-usual, in all arenas, politics included.
For all who are Zimbabwean and for Zimbabwe, for those who care to see, to listen, to feel the pulse of our nation, there is every reason to celebrate and be optimistic.
We are a fired-up country.
The freedoms being enjoyed have exposed many charlatans for who they are; we are witnessing people with an unbelievable sense of entitlement.
The in-house squabbles and fighting manifested by the so-called champions of democracy communicates an important message to us, the masses, the voters.
Do they care about the people — or power for the sake of power!
It’s a wonder how those who claim to love the country, who want to lead it can speak against the same country, against the people, against the voters they expect to vote them into office.
All are being given the opportunity to disseminate their message to the people.
And many would have been wiser to remain mum for we now know who they truly are.
The only message that matters at the moment is indeed the new gospel.
The gospel of economic stabilisation, economic revival and economic growth.
So does this talk of ‘father promised me this’, ‘I was anointed for this post’, ‘I am the ‘rightful’ candidate here and will not be contested’, fit into the matrix of the people?
Does it even take into account the wishes of the people?
Some have articulated their party programmes, outlined their development agenda while others continue to bicker over who will represent the people; can the people not just decide.
While some think they are ‘smart’, others are busy delivering tangibles that will propel the nation to greater heights.
While some elicit nothing but scorn and derision from both locals and outsiders, others are inspiring people from afar to come and do business with us.
Peacefully, as we go about our business, we know beyond a shadow of doubt who is for and against the motherland.
We know who wants to work for the country and who is serving the enemy.
We shall not tire of reminding ourselves that it is none but ourselves who will grow our country and that Zimbabwe will develop from our sweat and not some foundation-less, wishful thinking.
In this elections matrix, we clearly see the hand that seeks to deliberately steer us towards the dark; a hand that does not want us to see anything positive in our beloved country.
Let us all unite to do away with that hand. Let us remain vigilant and thwart efforts of those in our midst orchestrating evil meant to destroy what we are building.
We have the Chimurengas informing us, they are an unfailing compass, a steady and faithful guide.


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