People must not be fooled


EDITOR – I KEEP reading papers that are ‘mourning’ the recognition of President Mugabe by fellow African leadership and his recent appointment as Deputy Chair of the African Union (AU).
I don’t get why some people are frustrated that after so long, the African leadership is finally realising Mugabe’s worth.
Point of correction, it was not the Africans that no longer ‘appreciated’ Mugabe, but the European Union (EU) and its allies.
All over Africa President Mugabe is a hero, the last bastion of Pan-African pride and ethos.
A prophet is obviously not recognised in his home so I understand where these local so-called ‘analysts’ are coming from. They are simply singing for their supper.
These analysts should remember that at almost every African forum, President Mugabe receives a resounding applause.
They must stop assessing President Mugabe using the Western media and lens.
These Westerners do not care for us.
Look at how they use us over and over again and we still want to believe they have our best interests at heart.
Look at what they did to Libya.
They made the Libyans believe that Brother Gaddaffi was an evil man who did not champion their so-called democracy.
Today Libyans don’t have peace, and it will take years to rebuild what the NATO destroyed in the name of democracy.
But that will not happen in Zimbabwe, thanks to President Mugabe.
Viva Africa!
Viva Mugabe!

Mwana Wevhu


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