Pierced by my own…sacrificed for their own expediency


By Charles T.M.J Dube

MUROYI royera kure is one Shona proverb which takes the form of a direct piece of advice to a witch, advising him/her that nocturnal ‘skills’ should be the executed in faraway places.
It acknowledges that there are evil people, but then these should not indulge in acts that affect their immediate families and neighbouring villages.
African Traditional Religion (ATR) and general social practice suggest that it is your closest relatives who bewitch you or collaborate with those who hate you to do so.
The rationale being that these know how to manipulate your ancestral spirits with devastating effects.
In the several articles on the subject of the parallel agenda, I have always contended that there will always be witches or Judas Iscariots among us, the same way Jesus was betrayed by those close to him, itself in sync with the ATR belief system.
During the slave trade, it was not the whites who went all out to capture black slaves.
Blacks invaded blacks to capture and sell their own.
In the globalisation agenda as nations get ranked for integration in the international economic system, some of our own in Government, business and politics act as the frontier for the international oligarchy.
Family silver is generously dished out for the benefit of aliens by a third world, comprador element that only exploits natural resources as a front for international capital for the joy of acceptance as one of them.
The Ian Smith security apparatus was 90 percent black and these sell-outs walked tall and considered themselves a cut above the rest by association alone.
Social media was this previous week awash with the story of our own compatriots who in the belief that they are ‘genuinely’ in service of ‘civilised democratic international institutionalisation’ were abroad in sessions with the US legislative committees.
They probably do not see anything wrong with advocating the suffering of their people the same way the village witch and sadist loses no sleep over casting a fatal curse on their brother’s family or takes measures to divert an avenging spirit to an unsuspecting extended family member for their own security, instead of coming out with a joint survival strategy.
Our own ATR would recommend that you plan your life on the understanding that there is nothing you can do about the proliferation of such elements around you.
On the other hand, my own Christian religion would advise that as long as you love your Creator, any good or harm befalling you works to your advantage, as long as you remain principled and would thus commend: And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been elected according to His purpose.
According to this principle, we have all been created to serve, not just ourselves, but God’s agenda which is for social good and the blessing of His creation, which should be our preoccupation.
We have a country to rebuild, the same way Nehemiah mobilised the Israelites to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, but then they had their own Sanballat and Tobiah pursuing a parallel agenda.
That did not stop them.
Likewise, our own compatriots have been campaigning for the maintenance of a sanctions regime against us, until conditions favourable to their winning elections are in place.
These entail limited access to lines of credit to facilitate international trading per normal international commercial practice and restricted multilateral and bilateral inflows through loans and grants.
During the end of October, we were faced with the news that CBZ, one of our leading commercial banks, had been slapped with a staggering US$3,8 billion fine by the United States Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for transactions done on behalf of ZB Bank which was a prescribed company according to the US Government.
This was eventually negotiated down to about US$390m.
Some similar penalty had been imposed on Barclays Bank before that.
And yet some of our ‘erstwhile’ patriots will still contend that there are only targeted sanctions and will continue to lobby for the retention of current measures until a new Government has been elected and power transferred to ‘the new Government’ whatever that means.
They claim they want a level playing field before next year’s elections as a prelude to the removal of the economic measures taken against the country, or else their removal has to await free and fair elections leading to a new Government.
This sounds like an attempt at rigging the elections in their favour, using the suffering of the people as bait.
It is equal to holding a gun at the electorate, ensuring no level playing field, but coercion.
They also claim to be speaking on our behalf in so doing.
Thus, some Gordon, a Rhodesian journalist who is a correspondent for the Mail and Guardian and claims in his biography to have been conscripted into the Rhodesian army ‘against his will’ as a youngster and fought against the very people he now claims to represent becomes my spokesman when he does not even live in Zimbabwe.
Some opposition lawyers, whose party was founded under the auspices of some external foundations attached to their foreign ministries, inform the Committee of Foreign Relations (CFR) on the policy direction to take in relation to my country.
We cannot blame them for doing so, for they have invested in these opposition institutions, they know exactly what they want.
Their interests are not our interests. They have every right to pursue them to the same extent that we have ours to.
We can only blame those who claim to be ours if they go contrary to our own national interests, but, even then, there is no point in crying about them without doing anything about it.
What is strange is that they are doing so before even attempting to see how a Cabinet hardly eight days in office, is going to fair in terms of their expectations.
What they call a level playing field is not even defined.
We know though that among them are those who earn a living from our people’s suffering and would lose relevance should the people’s plight change.
Using the veneer of their submissions, Stephanie Sullivan, US Junior Secretary for Africa, has issued a ‘To do list’ before the US can reengage us, which amounts to ruling Zimbabwe from Washington DC.
At this stage, we cannot cry foul to the US Government for it is all but their prerogative and we also have ours, to relate with those who want to relate with us.
We should, however, not make it our business to engage them in their hate politics, but keep our doors open to do business with those who appreciate our socio-politico constructs, including them, should they decide to change their minds.
In the US itself, such people as our compatriots would be liable to prosecution under the Logan Act for exactly similar behaviour.
According to the Wikipedia, the Act is intended to prevent unauthorised American citizens from interfering in disputes or controversies between the United States and foreign governments.
According to Stat. 613, January 30, 1799, codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953 (2004), “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”
What is most interesting about the basis of this Act was that Dr George Logan of Pennsylvania, who eventually became a legislator on account of his popular deed of engaging the French Government at a time when the US was having tensions with France was actually working for American interests, a deed which saw him crowned by the voters soon after the accomplishment.
And yet the law was based on the principle that a private citizen could not give himself the liberty to assume what is otherwise only authorised to the American President to do so, however, positive the outcome would be.
Dr Logan could not be prosecuted because he had committed the crime before it became law.
And yet, we are faced with Americans, doing with our citizens what they consider felony in their own country.
We should either use or create our own laws to deal with our own malcontents as a lesson on patriotism.
On the bright side though, is the fact that hiding the keys to the Bretton Woods institutions probably serves us from further sinking into the debt trap into which they long ensnared us with cost to our sovereignty.
This boils down to the same Christian principle I have espoused before which is to the effect that whatever the circumstances would still work to our national advantage provided we stick to acting right.


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