EDITOR – OUR police officers are no longer as efficient as they used to be. 

In January, I got robbed after hitch-hiking at Mbudzi Roundabout on my way to Masvingo. 

I reported the case but was not given the CR number or the details of the officer handling the case. 

I thought since I had left my details, the investigating officer would contact me to say he is the one doing the case. 

In March, I went to the station to check on any progress and was asked for the CR number to which I replied in the negative. 

Honestly, I appeared very foolish as I was tossed from office to office but lastly was assisted and got the CR number and the investigating officer’s details. 

I went on to send him a WhatsApp message to say I’m the one whose issue he was working on. 

He read the message but never bothered to reply. 

To date, there is no word from the force; even just to say they haven’t heard anything on my case. 

I mean, that form of communication will restore our confidence in them because the general assumption I hold is my case has just been shelved and is gathering dust. 

Can the same urgency that we see in domestic violence issues, which, in most cases, get withdrawn because they evolve around bedroom issues, be applied to robbery, theft and all other crimes. 

Also, can the force’s system of filing cases be computerised and shared among all stations so that a case reported in Harare can be retrieved at Mukore Base Station in Ziki, Bikita.

I thank you!

Theophilus Prosper Muchakabarwa,



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