Political violence uncalled for: Analysts


ANALYSTS believe the MDC-T violence is a calculated move to cause instability in the country so that regime change can be realised by other means includ- ing a possible military invasion like what is happening in Libya. They said since its inception into the country’s mainstream politics, the MDC has been at the forefront of fomenting political violence ahead of in- ternational meetings or summits so that Zimbabwe is put on the agenda and under the spotlight for the wrong reasons. A political analyst who declined to be named said the first hint of MDC-T ‘s propensity for violence could be traced to the party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s call for the violent removal from power of President Mugabe nearly a decade ago. The analyst said it was no coincidence that this call was made when the MDC was a few months old and this has gone on to be a promi- nent characteristic of the party. He said the state- ment was now the backbone of the broader regime change agenda in Zimbabwe and has the potential to poison the environment of peace and stability that the country currently enjoys. “We are not surprised at all by this report be- cause everyone remem- bers Tsvangirai telling the whole world that he would violently remove President Mugabe from power,” he said. “That statement was a symbolic representation of the centrality of the violence and the uncon- stitutional removal of the Government in the broader regime change agenda that has been in place since December 1998 when the Euro- pean Union made the decision that President Mugabe ‘must go’.” He warned Zim- babweans and other political parties against falling into the MDC-T trap of resorting to vio- lence in order to solve problems. Another analyst, Gift Musemwa, said the recent Zimbabwe Re- public of Police report exposed the MDC-T’s blatant disregard of the security institutions that they now want to be reformed. He said the fact that the police had managed to bring order to the MDC house following weeks of unprecedented violence that rocked the party before, during and after the Bulawayo congress shows that the police in Zimbabwe is both effective and professional. “The irony of it all is that after calling on the ZRP to stop the violence that was rocking their party, the MDC-T is now trying to weaken those security forces under the guise of reforms,” he said.


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