Prayer for Zimbabwe


AMONG the values that shape this country are unity, peace and development.

We add love and resilience to these compelling values.

Where there is unity, there is prosperity.

Where there is peace, there is happiness.

Where there is development, there is posterity and where there is love, there is light.

Where there is resilience, there are abundant fruits of hard work.

This defines this beautiful country of ours.

This is what has made us conquer all the ills against us and our people.

This is what shapes our future and destiny as a people.

That future can only be bright if we are united.

This is why we pray for unity.

We wish every day for our people to be one.

We wish for them to pull in the same direction.

To be bound by the same goals and objectives.

To be driven by the eternal need for togetherness.

To negate divisions.

To walk the same path.

To chart the way ahead together as one people.

Our country should never be divided along political lines.

Zimbabwe comes first before any political party.

Our people should never be divided along religious lines.

No religion is bigger than this beautiful country.

Our people should never be divided along tribal lines because Zimbabwe is bigger than any tribe.

It comes first before any tribe.

And this is where the enemy has sought to attack us from.

This is where the enemy has sought to infiltrate us from.

We should never allow that to happen to our great country.

We should never create any opening for the enemy to exploit.

We are united and we are together forever.

We pray for peace in our beloved country.

A peaceful Zimbabwe does not bode for the enemy.

A peaceful Zimbabwe opens doors for prosperity.

It creates the platform for unity.

We ask for development in the country.

We have as a people, led by our Government played our role in developing the country.

We have tilled our land and we have produced abundantly.

We have produced maize in abundance.

We have produced some of the best tobacco in the world.

We have brought the much needed foreign currency into the country.

We have unearthed our minerals from the belly of the land.

These precious minerals are meant to develop our lives.

Precious minerals which have attracted the wrath of the enemy.

Yet time and again we defend those resources with our lives.

We have suffered because of that land.

We have been punished because of those precious minerals.

We have waged a war in defence of that land and those minerals.

We do so armed with the knowledge that they belong to us.

We are fully aware that the enemy fights day and night to have access to the same.

But our courage and will have given us the strength to protect that which belongs to us.

We come to you Almighty and our ancestors humbled by the many blessings which you have given us through the land and resources.

We come to you knowing fully that we are at war with our enemies.

In our hearts reside immeasurable love for one another.

In our minds lies the resilience that has made us who we are; a people who love and cherish their country.

Let us all adhere to the principles and values of unity, peace and development in order to succeed as a people and as a nation.


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