Price hikes unwarranted


THOSE who have followed the history of this country since the coming of colonialists know that Zimbabwe is a precious country.

They are aware Zimbabwe is important to the economic interests of many in the world.

They are also aware Zimbabwe presents an array of opportunities to the globe.

This is so, especially in the wake of continued aggression against this country.

This aggression has been there before.

It is still there; only that this time around, it is woven around a sophisticated strategy and structure.

Those who are blessed with the gift of foresight will attest to an unfolding political reality in our country.

The political reality of our time is two-pronged.

First, it involves expunging the liberation struggle narrative.

Second, it is anchored on systematically galvanising the masses to rise against Government.

Such is the complicated nature of the first strategy that such critical national symbols like our national bird are now being said to be a curse on the country.

However, national symbols are what they are – national symbols!

They represent our country.

They represent our identity.

They represent our aspirations.

They also represent our past, present and future.

They bring forth a handover of our glowing history from the previous to future generations.

When talk of removing those symbols gains momentum, then our history is severely threatened.

Such talk, thought or idea is an affront to the efforts of our gallant heroes and heroines.

It renders their efforts null and void.

It opens room for creation of a new narrative and history which is alien to what we have maintained and should maintain.

It creates room for a new and anti-Zimbabwe narrative which is what the enemy is clamouring for.

We can never escape from our past.

We can never create a new narrative for the country.

We should never allow outsiders to impose their on us.

We are the people who have defied all odds.

We are the people who have conquered in adversity.

We are the people who have taken over our land and the means of production.

We are the people who have borne the brunt of illegal economic sanctions from the West.

We will continue conquering while jealously guarding our land, resources and future.

This is why we are alarmed by the wanton price increases of basic commodities.

This practice raises more questions than answers.

It is a practice that goes against the spirit of the struggle.

It is a practice that all but negates everything we fought for.

Are these continued price hikes reflective of the prevailing economic situation?

Are they in tandem with the many activities in the economy?

Or has the business community been gripped by greed at the expense of serving the majority?

Whichever way one looks at it, there is something fundamentally wrong with what is happening in the country.

There is something that is simply out of order.

Rather, there is an invisible hand that is agitating for the masses to turn against Government.

We should be wary of what is happening and remain vigilant.


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