Prioritising environment issues crucial


THE Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management this week held an environmental expo in Harare aimed at combining stakeholder efforts in environmental management. Following consultations with various stakeholders, there emerged a need to bring all people under one roof and provide a platform for exchanging information as well as showcasing different ways of managing the environment. The ministry has for a long time been commemorating national and international events through workshops, press conferences and site conferences. Stakeholder meetings were therefore held upon which the idea of an expo was meant to be held as a build-up to World Environment Day which is celebrated on June 5 annually. In an interview with The Patriot, the ministry’s Director of Environment and Natural Resources Management, Mr Edward Samuriwo, said the ministry would continue educating people on environmental management. “The ministry is trying to educate all stakeholders so that every one of them plays an important part in decarbonising the environment,” said Samuriwo. “Environment management is everyone’s business and everyone must contribute towards the efforts the ministry is making.” He said people needed to positively change their attitude towards environmental issues. “As a ministry we will not tire, but continue to teach people on the importance of the environment so that we can save it.” Samuriwo noted that bringing various stakeholders under one roof was the first step towards changing people’s attitudes. “This exercise must begin in the households and get as far as businesses so that all sections of society take part in managing the environment,” he said. The Environmental Expo, which ends today, was running under the theme ‘Greening the economy’. It sought to address the need for an awareness creation on topical issues while providing a platform for individuals, companies, institutions and organisations to showcase their activities regarding environmental management. At least 50 exhibitors from across Zimbabwe participated at the expo. Companies from Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe, among others, also showcased their products and shared information during the expo. The event was held at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) and was characterised by outside exhibits and paper presentations from different sectors. As the expo ends today, it is expected that exhibitors and visitors would have shared experiences and ideas while ensuring improved networking. A better understanding of environmental issues should have been accomplished in addition to increased participation and interest in environmental issues.


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