Rains spell more doom for Tsvangirai


A UNIQUE blueprint carved on the aspirations of the Zimbabwean people glares into the faces of every optimistic citizen.
The underlying factor is that most Zimbabweans are thinking of a better today and an even pleasant tomorrow.
The burial of memories of yesteryear is what has kept all people in this land excited that Zim-ASSET will deliver meaningful change.
Just in the recent months, rains have continued pouring upon the land.
It is no surprise that the good rains have inspired hope and brought smiles on every right thinking person’s face.
With food security playing such an important role as one of the pillars of the Zim-ASSET blueprint, the results will definitely be felt on the economy.
For a nation whose mainstay is agriculture, it does not take a rocket scientist to realise that with food on the table, the wellbeing of every Zimbabwean is definitely set to take a different course.
Success on the fields means success in the most important aspect of life.
It means saving that precious dollar for secondary needs which every family wants to meet.
It means saving for school fees, it means saving for healthcare, it means saving for that perennially elusive luxury which could be the family car or home.
While this will definitely be the season which could turn fortunes around, the same cannot be said in the tumultuous MDC-T camp.
Tsvangirai and lieutenants who have taken their fight to the public gallery are even wishing the rains never did them such disfavour.
The mood in that camp is definitely at its lowest this season for a party which has thrived on creating difficult times for Zimbabweans.
The same Morgan Tsvangirai who called on sanctions and went around the world mobilising cut-offs of all forms of budgetary support and aid will obviously be taking a deep introspection on what went wrong.
With the rains set to alter completely the face of agriculture through bumper harvests, the MDCs, ‘promote hunger manifesto’, has again hit the brick wall. This is not a season to cry for Morgan, but for Zimbabweans to come to terms with the realities of his folly strategies.
The 2113/14 agriculture season is literally manifesting into a script produced and directed by the gods of the land.
It is shaking off the last bastion which the MDC-T has been holding on to.
Note that every bad season is a good one for Morgan and friends because they know their Western friends and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) will play ‘saviours’ to a hungry people.
Now enter 2014 and the decimation of the whole Morgan strategies which is bound to leave the man and his team even more exposed.
Celebrations of how good the rains have been are definitely no celebrations in that camp as the Western-funded movement thinks of how it can reduce Zimbabweans to destitutes.
But sadly for Tsvangirai whose house is already burning ferociously, this will be a season where instead of embracing the rains as a curse, in their history books this is a big curse.
Decimated MDC-T plans are running parallel to a ZANU PF manifesto and blueprint which is reflective of many realities.
Before one can even talk of rebuilding Zimbabwe, food on the table is a pre-requisite.
That objective looks like it has certainly been achieved and while the revolutionary party will be patting itself on the back; there will be tears on the Morgan pitch.
They played out on the people’s most important agenda; that of food matters. They played out leaning on their donor friends who always surface to hand out goodies veiled in the name of humanitarian support when the ultimate aim is political gain.
How the gods have turned the tables and sent that deceitful scheme packing by just giving the precious showers.
The irony of all this is that the rains have been received abundantly in those traditionally dry and drought prone regions in the country.
Matabeleland has received some of the best rains and Tsvangirai who thought he had the region in his bag is waking up to a painful reality he never imagined. Away from hunger and revelling in good moments where the fields are thriving and the harvest is good, Morgan is no more for real.
Hunger which was his trump card is the dream which is fast crumbling in his hands.
The role of the NGO who was his campaign master is being eaten away as the man watches.
From a disastrous poll to a season of bountiful blessing for Zimbabwe, Morgan’s star is fading like a flower.
How cruel fate has been on him.
Hunger is meting out more justice on him on the backdrop of the Tendai Biti confessions which the MDC-T sought to harbour for many years.
His secretary general (Biti) spoke well.
“The ZANU PF manifesto was tight,” he said.
A good manifesto is what provided the Zim-ASSET blueprint which has found favour from Mother Nature as the country receives good rains.
The good rains are a feather on the Zim-ASSET cap which can be proudly displayed with the accolade of having come to fruition by meeting its food security targets so early.
French Canadian singer Celine Dion’s lyrics saying, “Let the rain come down and wash away my tears,” could actually be the dedication which best suits Zimbabwean people at this juncture.
These rains have come to wipe away the tears which Morgan and his friends brought upon the people through hunger.
They have persisted so beautifully to make Zimbabweans forget the tragic politics of yesteryear which were meant to make them ‘scream’.
This country is not in war and there is no reason why many people should be hungry.
The Tsvangirai strategies are failing in a cruel way and as the season of plenty stares into the MDC-T leader’s face, all is just not rosy.
The people of Zimbabwe will rejoice and Tsvangirai will be sad.
The rains will continue and the harvest will be plenty.
Zim-ASSET will thrive and Tsvangirai will decimate.


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