Revisiting land reform


WHEN the Land Reform and Resettlement Programme actualised, brickbats from the West against Zimbabwe became the order of the day.

They would come in all forms, shapes and sizes, all to malign the programme.

They would, in the same vein, result in a war of attrition with Western powers.

Indeed that war came.

It was replete with antagonism and outright resentment of black people.

It had all the relics of racism.

And with it, the war sought to reverse the many gains of the war of liberation.

Added to that was the brazen attempt to muzzle the people’s dream.

We are at that stage where there is unanimity that the programme cannot be reversed come what may.

A stage where the fundamental objective of the struggle has been achieved.

That crucial stage where productivity is the inspirational mantra.

Today, the masses enjoy the full benefits of that revolutionary programme.

Here we are referring to the constant threat from the West to undo the programme.

That can never happen.

That should never happen and that should never be allowed to happen.

Yet that does not stop the West and its turncoats from trying to reverse that revered initiative.

They are still bitter.

They are still determined to strangle that heroic and historic programme.

We are not surprised by those inane attempts.

They are born out of the gory desire to stop other developing countries from embarking on the same drive.

They are misinformed by the dumb idea that Africans must never own or control the means of production.

They are driven by the warped thinking that Africa must remain steeped in perpetual hunger and poverty.

That hunger must be used as a weapon to create chaos in Africa. Again that will never happen!

Zimbabwean farmers have done exceptionally well under difficult circumstances.

They have suffered and toiled under a harsh economic environment wrought by illegal economic sanctions imposed on the country.

It is their resilience that has informed the new thinking by the West that the programme must be subjected to a new wave of unrestrained attack.

We read with awe, last week, a report that gave fresh lies against the programme.

The report was purportedly crafted by so-called World Bank ‘experts’.

The experts claimed that the Land Reform and Resettlement Programme has condemned Zimbabweans to hunger!

We are not surprised by that malicious report from clearly out-of-sorts experts.

They have an agenda.

And that agenda is no longer a secret.

It is meant to make ousted white commercial farmers experts.

It is meant to make them saviours of this once thriving country, to borrow from their statements.

That is their baby to nurse.

For we all know that in spite of the sanctions, black farmers have surpassed by a huge margin, the 200 million kg ‘record’ that was set by whites.

We also know that even as white farmers controlled the majority of the country’s land, 70 percent of grain was produced by peasant farmers.

These are statistics they will never tell the world.

These are compelling facts they will never want to come out in the open.

But we will do that without fear or favour.

We will tell it like it is.

And we will never be deterred by lies from so-called experts.

We tell our own story because we are Zimbabweans!


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