SADC must display unity of purpose


EDITOR — Some sections of the media and their handlers have been going to town claiming they scored victory at the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Troika meeting in Zambia in March after some in our midst lied to the region that the situation in our country resembled a war zone. As we head for the SADC meeting this weekend, it is only fair for us to be united and give a clear picture of the prevailing situation in Zimbabwe. Our country can never be classified as one that is torn by violence. If there is a peaceful nation in this world, then it can only be Zimbabwe. People should not be misled and it is vital for whatever is agreed on at the meeting in South Africa be implemented as long as it is for the good of the country. One thing for certain is that we must all remember that it is our duty as citizens of this country to ensure that our nation remains intact. Yes, we might experience certain challenges, but they are not obstacles and we must overcome them. It is my hope that SADC will display unity of purpose and ensure that Zimbabwe’s peaceful nature and independence are not compromised. Sherpard Majengeta Kambuzuma


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