ANYONE following events and national discourse in the past few months can tell that the US Embassy has once again gone back to its full throttle regime change drive. 

SADC, the AU, SA, Botswana and Namibia have all called for the unconditional and total lifting of the illegal and ruinous sanctions on Zimbabwe. 

The sanctions against Zimbabwe are illegal in that the US and Britain at one time sought to have the international community, under the auspices of the UN, impose sanctions on Zimbabwe. 

The UN route failed and it was left to the US and Britain to continue the fight against the Land Reform Programme through other means. 

As far back as the early 2000s the AU clearly pronounced its position on the Zimbabwe issue, indicating that Zimbabwe and Britain had to address the land issue in accordance with the Lancaster House Conference agreements. 

The AU also cautioned other Western countries against latching on to what was clearly a bi-lateral issue that Britain was attempting to internationalise.  

Sanctions on Zimbabwe have nothing to do with human rights and political reforms as claimed by the US. If human rights and political reforms were the criteria for imposition of sanctions, then some of the US top allies in Africa and the Middle East would be groaning under the strain of sanctions. 

Zimbabwe is being punished for implementing the Land Reform Programme; its stance against continued US predatory tactics against resource-rich developing countries; and its support for any country which stands up for the empowerment of its indigenous people. 

The US Embassy has been hellbent on mislead Zimbabweans in particular, and the world at large, on its illegal sanctions regime on the country. 

Through a series of lies that are intended to redirect attention from the mischievous hand of the US in Zimbabwe politics, the Embassy has probably decided that the opposition is not doing enough to put down the national discourse regarding sanctions. 

The Embassy has gone against all diplomatic tenets and is engaged in an all-out war of words with Zimbabweans over the illegal sanctions. 

Lie number 1: US targeted sanctions on individuals and entities do not prohibit trade or business between Zimbabwe and other countries. 

Lie number 2: Zimbabweans are free to sell their goods to the US and to access American businesses. Targeted sanctions only restrict trade and travel for those who have undermined democracy and human rights.

Lie number 3: The implementation of political and economic reforms attracts international business, investment and builds confidence.

Lie number 4: The US does not maintain comprehensive sanctions against Zimbabwe. Suggestions that the US intends to harm the Zimbabwean people with sanctions are false and misleading. 

Sanctions are a blunt weapon the US is using on the ordinary people of Zimbabwe. Chester Crocker let the cat out of the bag when he urged Congress to have the stomach to make Zimbabwe’s ‘economy scream’ in order to alienate the Zimbabwean voter from ZANU PF at the polls in favour of the puppets formerly known as Movement for Democratic Change. 

I hear the ‘Democratic’ in the MDC has been replaced by ‘Dictatorship’.

Paypal, Amazon and Ebay are just some of the platforms that ordinary citizens have no access to because surprise, surprise, Zimbabwe is blacklisted by the US! 

If sanctions are targeted, why are ordinary Zimbabweans being denied the right to trade with the rest of the world? 

It is Zimbabwe as a country that is blacklisted and not the political elites. 

Anyone who believes that 84 individuals and 56 entities are under sanctions in Zimbabwe and the rest of the population is unscathed by them is not worth the time and the effort and is an affront to the revolution. 

Recently, even the late Morgan Tsvangirai’s son, Richard, stated that he was blocked from opening a bank account in China because Zimbabwe is blacklisted and all banking transactions are routed through the US. 

Any financial institution with US links that facilitates transactions for Zimbabweans, knowingly or unknowingly, faces very stiff penalties, such that it is much cheaper to lose Zimbabwean business than to face the wrath of the US Government. 

The US has instructed its directors in key international financial institutions to oppose and vote against any extension of any loan, credit or guarantee to Zimbabwe; and any cancellation of debt owed by Zimbabwe. 

For those who do not understand the impact of such instructions here is a simple example: Zimbabwe needs loans, credits and guarantees in order to finance various developmental projects in the country. 

Government has no access to lines of credit or guarantees that would enable it to carry out such projects, so, say good bye to that road, that bridge, that hospital, that school and factory. 

It is the ordinary Zimbabwean who benefits from these infrastructural projects. 

When local banks have no access to foreign currency because South African banks can longer export US dollars to the country for fear of reprisals from the US, guess whose local authorities cannot purchase water treatment chemicals, and leaves the urban population exposed to water-borne diseases such as cholera. 

After the population has been ravaged by cholera, the US makes a grand show of coming to the Zimbabwean peoples’ rescue with humanitarian aid, and yet they are the root cause of the problem. 


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