Sanity must prevail on our roads


EDITOR – I would like to know through your paper what the relevant authorities can do to assist people who use the Glen Norah commuter omnibuses as they are fast falling victims of unscrupulous business people. The commuter omnibus operators during peak hours have grown a tendency to ply short distances before they can start charging double the fare for the longer distances. Commuters are now being forced to pay US$1 instead of the normal five rand and this is unacceptable because we are all trying to make ends meet. Commuters are also being exposed to road accidents as most commuter omnibus drivers have become reckless drivers. The drivers fail to observe basic road rules hence put the lives of passengers at risk. It is against this background that I urge the Zimbabwe Republic Police among other stakeholders to intensify efforts to ensure that road rules are observed in the country. I take this opportunity to also advise pedestrians against jaywalking. As Zimbabweans we must respect each other on the road. Pedestrians must give way to vehicles too and know that they have road rules to obey as well. Sanity on the country’s roads is imperative for development’s sake. Progress Moyo Hatfield, Harare


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