Schools rugby festival discriminatory


EDITOR – THE National Schools Rugby Festival has continued to grow, but the most notable error is that sponsors have maintained the syndrome of keeping the tournament elitist.
Despite rural and developing communities playing a significant role in promoting operations of these sponsors, their children have continued to be discriminated in the schools rugby festival.
With the abandoning of this festival by Cottco who had been funding it for the past years, there was much anticipation that the new sponsor, Dairibord would promote the participation of schools from the country’s high density suburbs.
However, Dairibord has also ensured that the tournament remains elitist.
But what is so special about these so-called ‘Group A’ schools that they have to enjoy certain sport benefits at the exclusion other schools?
This year’s tournament attracted more than 168 schools, but during the first round of the tournament, schools were grouped in such a way that ‘elite’ schools could not play with or against the developing schools.
The first group was dominated by the so-called ‘Group A’ schools that included Prince Edward, Watershed and St Johns College among others.
Schools such as Harare High, Dzivaresekwa High 2, Kuwadzana High 1 and Mufakose High 2 were placed in their own group.
With such kind of grouping the main worry was whether the selection was done based on the elitist nature of the schools or not?
Maybe it was by coincidence, but I doubt that very much.
But one thing for certain is that I was disappointed.
Hopefully it will be different next year.



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