Shared vision key to growth


WHITES, we have argued in the past and will say it again, have been ‘superior’ not because they possess any greater or special mental powers, but for the simple reason that they have mastered the art of presenting themselves as gods and have found worshippers.

All the problems we are currently facing are a result of the whiteman bent on regime change in the country.

And one is simply made to look foolish for stating this truth. Our people are forced to side with the whiteman because he is the ‘king’ of ‘democracy’.

But we are glad that the rest of the progressive world has seen through the lies of the West with regards to our country.

Our suffering, no matter what they say, is not of our own making.

The West has destroyed all our pillars.

But we continue fighting to revive our nation.

The whiteman has committed great crimes against the blackman and the horrible fact is that he has done it with the connivance of the blackman.

No more!

It is time we refuse to be used.

The younger generations must fight for this country driven by their identity, black and African.

It is the blackman who was used to subdue and chain the ‘wild’ Africans captured for slavery.

It is the blackman who fed the blacks in the slave ships forcefully, shovelling food into their mouths.

It is the blackman who ‘prepared’ and lined the blacks in the slave market.

The whiteman folded his arms while the blackman did his bidding.

And it’s been 400 years since slavery ended, but the blackman is still doing the bidding of the whiteman.

No more!

It is time Africans appreciate that we are all the same and none more superior.

Whenever Europe gathers, it comes as the European Union and it chooses special African countries to engage with.

Africa attends not as AU but Africa made up of participants chosen by Europe.

When will Africa realise that it is a continent and that it has to decide and determine its destiny on its own without seeking approval or aiming to please the whiteman.

The continued fascination and veneration given the whiteman by some of our black leaders is embarrassing.

How can grown men and women of the continent that purport to be educated and pan-Africanist be so in awe of the whiteman and get pleasure from being in white citadels and sitting at the whiteman’s table-selling short their fellow brothers and sisters.

The condescending behaviour of the whiteman, his belittling of the African, his disregard of him as a human being and his arrogance will not come to an end as long as there will be Africans who will continue to say ‘yes baas’.

As long as there are Africans who will not challenge this ‘god’ we will not make progress as Africans.

It is time to take serious stock. The EU always, without fail, will speak with one voice.

They might disagree but all will adopt a common principle and will stick to it.
We should not be engrossed and obsessed with being in the ‘good graces’ of the whiteman.

The superiority of the whiteman is a fallacy.

If we were truly united, then we would know that we do not need the West.

It is the West that needs us.


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