So-called Western democracy: A new weapon of colonisation


A WORD that is always on the lips of Western leaders these days is ‘democracy’.
Here in Africa, we are always taught like we were Zero Grade pupils that if we want to make our countries prosperous, resulting in them flowing with milk and honey, we must take on board Western democracy.
The United States has gone an evil step further.
They are not only preaching about the importance of embracing Western democracy to those living outside the West, but are now busy imposing it even by foul means.
We would like to argue that Western democracy has not brought prosperity to Africa and the rest of the World where it has been introduced.
But rather, it has been used as a weapon for re-colonisation of the world by Western Powers, especially the United States through wars, mayhem and a great deal of suffering.
Democracy means government of the people, by the people and for the people.
Yes, that “there is political equality, popular empowerment, all people having equal access to the necessary means to participate meaningfully in decisions over things which affect their lives.
“This includes both the freedom of individuals to make choices that affect their own lives as separate persons and their capacity to participate in collective decisions which affect their lives as members of a broader community.”
Most people in the West, because of decades of propaganda are convinced that they stay in countries that meet the above conditions of democracy.
However, it has been shown beyond doubt that in the West, we have a situation of no political equality at all but domination by powerful elites and dominant classes.
Yes, that important issues of collective concern are excluded from Arenas of democratic decision making, electoral rules of the game give advantage to powerful interests over citizens, there is a lot of manipulation of the system by the ‘big boys’ etc.
In short, there is no real democracy at all and the ruling classes in the West know it very well.
Now why is it that the West’s ruling classes who know pretty well that there is no real democracy in their countries come to us saying that democracy is possible and we must embrace it fully if our countries are going to prosper?
This question brings us back to the days when Western nations began to spread so called Christian civilisation to Africa and the rest of the World.
It’s important to remind our readers that at that time, Western governments pumped in millions of pounds to help spread Christian civilisation, sponsoring missionaries, explorers and adventurers preaching the word of God to the ‘heathen’.
The purpose of spreading Christianity was to prepare for the introduction of colonialism.
The spread of Christianity ensured that the African and other colonised people were made docile and pliable making the exercise of colonisation that much easier.
Have you ever asked yourself why wherever the spread of Christianity was quite intense, colonisation was also very intense.
Look at Sub-Sahara Africa for example.
All the countries where Christian civilisation was spread became colonies of Western governments.
It is not mere coincidence.
It was meant to be that way!
Now coming to Western democracy.
The purpose for which Western democracy is being spread is not meant to enable the people in Angola, Zimbabwe, Egypt etc to have a clean ‘government of the people by the people for the people where everyone is equal to one another’.
The whole idea of Western governments spreading the ideas of democracy, an ideal they know is unachievable even in their countries, is to sweeten their entry into our countries so that they will find a conducive environment in which they can easily loot our resources.
It is not the establishment of democracy that they are really after in our countries.
The aim is to establish conducive environments in our countries using the ruse of democracy to loot our resources.
It should therefore not surprise anyone that Western governments will swiftly help remove a so-called democratically elected government if it stands in the way of their colonisation interests.
In Egypt, the United States promoted democracy and a political party called the Moslem Brotherhood won power using the ‘democratic’ electoral system recommended by the West.
But the coming into power of the Moslem Brotherhood did not provide a conducive environment for the West’s colonisation project.
In the end, the West helped overthrow that very democratically elected Moslem Brotherhood government and right now there is chaos in Egypt.
In the Ukraine, the United States and European Union (EU) told the people there to embrace Western democracy. The people heeded their call.
But with time the West said, the democracy in the Ukraine was not democratic enough and so they sponsored dissidents who helped overthrow a legimate government.
As things turned out, democracy was only used as a ruse.
The West wanted to colonise Ukraine, and turn it into a member of NATO and EU.
They did not want Ukraine to be friends with Russia nor Iran.
In Libya, the West said, the Gaddafi government was not democratic and so they overthrew it.
However, the result has not been democratisation of Libya, but re-colonisation of that country with looting of its oil by the West as the priority.
We can go on and on suffice to say democracy is being used by the West as a ruse to colonise our countries today.
Colonisation is still ongoing, let us not forget.


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