Social media: Be responsible


EDITOR – SOCIAL media seems like the new cancer in town.
Marriages are breaking down, while crimes of passion are being committed almost everyday.
For some reason, WhatsApp, in particular, is being blamed for some of these social problems.
If used responsibly, WhatsApp has its advantages, but of late, the abuse of this social media platform is worrisome.
In fact, people are now hooked to WhatsApp such that quality family time is no longer a priority to many.
Parents no longer have time to talk to their children, even when they are home.
Children, on the other hand, are also hooked to their cellphones while parents do not even monitor what they will be up to.
I remember growing up, our parents would even monitor our study times at home during the holidays, but nowadays some parents have absolutely no time to do that.
They would rather buy their children expensive smartphones and the rest is history.
No doubt a lot of pornography is always circulating on WhatsApp and many children are being exposed and in the process they end up becoming mischievous.
The end results are there for all to see; early pregnancies and child marriages, sexually transmitted infections and a whole lot of other problems that jeorpadise their lives.
We must all be responsible and ensure that social media does not destroy our society.

Cranborne, Harare.


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