Social workers persecuting blacks


SOCIAL workers continue to be a menace here with their actions increasingly breaking up families.
African parents no longer feel safe as children are being taken and put into foster care for flimsy reasons that defy logic.
Failure to appreciate other religions has resulted in some black families losing their children, especially members of the apostolic faith.
Social work here is dominated by ‘political correctness’ focusing disproportionately on issues of class, ‘race’ and gender.
The training of social workers has too much emphasis on what one Conservative minister in the 1990s termed ‘isms’ and ‘ologies’.
Social workers have been roundly condemned for making ‘the wrong decision(s) in the wrong way, for the wrong reasons’.
‘Politically correct’ social workers have become a menace.
The reality of the matter is that social workers have become a ruthless breed harassing parents for no apparent reason.
There is a case here of a gentleman I shall call Mr P, a whiteman who is married to a black Zimbabwean and is in a dilemma.
His dilemma started when his wife’s sister’s children were taken from their parents because they were members of an apostolic church which is predominantly African.
The social workers said the apostolic white uniform was freaking the children out and their way of worship was against English morals.
They were thus judged to be unfit to look after their children.
Their close relatives were found to be unfit to look after the children because they all belong to the apostolic church.
The stuff/walking sticks that the men carry to church were viewed as weapons. The social service in Wolverhampton judged the church to be a cult.
Mr P and his wife were given the three children to stay with and strict instructions never to let the children meet their parents or any person from the apostolic church.
While this is discrimination on religious grounds, as long as it is done to a Zimbabwean or an African it is not viewed as such.
This harassment is absent among ‘white only’ families.
It appears the phrase ‘anti-racist social work’ has almost completely disappeared from the social work lexicon.
Mr P was given three children to look after and he has two of his own from his marriage.
When he requested assistance for a bigger place, the social service descended on him and have taken the three children who are now scattered among complete strangers.
Apparently the social services does not care about the trauma they are inflicting on the children.
The social workers do not consider ‘fairness’ and never look at a whole range of inequalities within Britain.
Disturbingly, nearly three-quarters of black African children are growing up in poverty in the land of ‘plenty’.
For example, black people in their early 20s are nearly twice as likely not to be in employment, education or training as their white counterparts.
And this is partly a result of the foster system that has failed to adequately provide for the children.
Because of the poor treatment of the children of minorities, they have the highest rate of mental illnesses.
People from minority groups are more likely, than white British people, to be detained or put in seclusion.
And if this happens, their children are forced into care and there is no regard to the social background of such children.
The social service is playing politics with the lives of little children.
Mr P laments the day he took into guardianship the three children of his sister- in-law.
Mr P is not the only one groaning in pain; many others are suffering the same predicament.
The irony is that social workers are supposed to safeguard the children, but their actions seem to be aggravating thesituation.
Their actions are leaving behind broken families with shattered children, fathers and mothers.
Black parents have been robbed of their parenting confidence.


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