Software developer comes back home


UNITED Kingdom-based Zimbabwean IT and software developer, Malcom Taylor acclaimed for the invention of I-Board technology which has gained fame in the UK, has decided to reposition his invention company to Zimbabwe in a bid to create employment and help digitilise the education sector.
The move, according to pundits, is expected to make Zimbabwe the official distributor of the exclusive I-Board Touch gadget and consequently place Zimbabwe strides ahead in terms of inventive software for business and educational purposes.
The I-Board Touch is an all-in-one pc with a flat multi-touch LED screen.
In basic description, it is a ‘super enlarged’ tablet/computer device or Large Format Touchscreen used in business presentations.
In the educational sector, it is simply a digitalised chalk board and for the business oriented, the I-Board is a computer and projector in one.
In an interview last week, Taylor said that the presence of such an exclusive gadget in Zimbabwe would set the tone in ascertaining the importance and relevance of Zimbabwean education globally.
“I believe the gadget will go down very well in the educational sector as it has done in the UK,” he said.
“Zimbabwean education has always been one of the best in Africa and a technological advancement will definitely place it strides ahead of other countries.”
Illustrating the beauty of his gadget, Taylor added that establishing operations in Zimbabwe and making the country the official distributor of I-Board Technology would create employment.
Taylor’s initiation comes at a time when the Government embarked on the Presidential e-learning and computerisation programmes, making computers accessible to all secondary schools in Zimbabwe for the purpose of digitalising the educational system in line with international standards.
“Having I-Boards in the educational system is a clear initiative true to President Mugabe’s desire for Zimbabwean education to be top notch in both technology and depth of curriculum content,” said one Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council official.
The managing director in charge of distribution of the I-Board in Africa, Rhoda Mandaza, hailed Taylor for bringing the product to Zimbabwe.
“This is what I call patriotism,” she said.
“This young man is bringing jobs back to his country and helping his country spiral its business and educational sector to a technological zenith.”


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